How Do You Think About iOS and Android ?

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October 2, 2019
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October 21, 2019


In recent years, the development of smart phones has gradually created a major technological revolution. Today, users love using mobile phones and tablets to surf the Internet or play a game. Therefore, the two most popular systems are Android and IOS. There are two big software and are occupying the entire software market for phones and tablets. So what the differences between Android and IOS programming?

Let’s find out in this article!

Nowadays, mobile is hot, I think that it will maintain in the next few years. Actually, mobile applications have supported people’s lives in many different fields. From that, people can do everything easier and update technology trends faster. Therefore, the business must improve their services day by day, they need to pay attention to create the best products that are suitable for users, especially, it will bring a great source of revenue for their company. Knowing the demand of customers, mobile developers always try to focus on changing Android and IOS software systems. Most technology companies have researched two software and they want to give users the best experiences. Android and IOS systems indeed have many exciting things that developers should discover full of techniques.

Firstly, Android is a system that is developed by Google, it’s an open-source model, with basic interfaces and features that are suitable for the needs of the users. It has become the most popular software that is used for smart phones worldwide. People love it so much. Similarly, IOS is a smart phone operating system that is developed by Apple. Unlike the android operating system, IOS is specifically designed for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices. They are programmed in Objective-C and use a completely new multi-touch interface and it is considered as a user-friendly system. Android is released by Google under the Apache license. A lot of developers are working on being able to create lots of new versions of Android that are followed by many personal requirements. On the other hand, the IOS operating system is owned by Apple technology corporations. So all of the new versions of IOS will be released by Apple. If you want to experience IOS software, you have to use Apple products.

Initially, we have many different things between the Android and IOS systems. First of all, the number of users who tend to use Android or IOS operating software fluctuated in recent years. In actual fact, Android development is likely to increase sales from advertising contracts. If it has many downloads and users, that would mean it will be more profitable from advertising. When choosing a platform for an application, in addition to money, don’t forget to consider technical factors. This will help you understand better which option is cheaper, easier and faster.

When it comes to the complexity of Android and IOS application programming, Android will surely lose. Besides, they also differ in programming languages. The biggest weakness of Android is fragmentation. Apple has a limited number of devices running on IOS: iPhone, iPad, and iPod. This will help the work of IOS developers easier. The development process is faster because you are building your application for a range of devices and operating systems. Nevertheless, the Android system is very messy. There are dozens of different types of smart phones and tablets on Android with different screen sizes and screen rat IOS. You can only develop apps that are compatible with Android devices as much as possible.

Next, we will come to find out the structure of the IOS and Android operating systems. IOS is designed to be easier with a simple screen, it has the applications that are displayed right before your eyes and you can immediately see the item you are looking for and use multiple applications at the same time. Otherwise, for Android, after booting, it will display the main screen with the main applications, mainly on the device, you can imagine that as the desktop screen on the computer. The main screen can consist of many different pages that you can swipe to see. As for the security level, IOS has a feature that prevents others from accessing a user’s personal information by setting up a password to help ensure security. It will automatically encrypt and protect your email and applications. Android will help users restrict the access of third-party applications to the phone’s system unless they allow public access and accept every time the application requests access. Although there are many antivirus software for Android, there is still limited access. So it can not be deeply scanned into the system to find threats.

In general, the fight between IOS and Android will never end. The important thing is when you choose a phone, you need to understand your own needs. You have many choices, you can try to use many types of mobile phones with different operating systems that you like. In my opinion, it’s an interesting experience for users.