Six Basic and Important Skills of Android Developers

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May 6, 2020
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Nowadays, most businesses still focus on the development of the mobile apps because this is the right choice if they want to improve and promote their brand faster. The mobile application is a friendly device and can support people’s lives better in the modern technology market now. Developers play an important role in creating and tracking all technical processes of the business. A professional developer is not only proficient in information technology skills but also have an extensive background in using all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. Android is one of the most popular software that has a rapid growth rate and almost leads the technology market. If you want to become a excellent developer, here is an in-depth article about it.

Why should you choose the Android platform?

Android is the leading operating system in the smartphone market today when it comes to mobile app development. According to the growth of new markets from some other countries, the smartphone market will increase rapidly. If you can use the features of Android wisely, you can dominate the technology world because you can maximize its capabilities. Android is a popular operating system and creates an ecosystem of developers actively. It always supports and ensures that developers can use and build essential features on Google play services,  help them pay attention to the core features of the application. With its exciting features, the development of the Android operating system will attract both users and developers effectively.

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Technical Skills that Programmers Need

When you think of what occupation do you want, think carefully of what could be your edge on this, and what are the things that you willing to go through and learn alongside the process.

The most important factor for each developer is their skills. You’ll need an Android device such as smartphones, tablet PCs to test your app on a real device. Below is a list of tools needed to know to become an Android developer.


A basic thing to consider to become a proficient programmer is your Android’s Java programming language. Java is one of the programming languages most commonly used by software developers today. It will help you complete the job, even beyond the Android platform.


The second tool that you will need to be immersed in is SQL database in Android applications. SQL is a language to perform queries to retrieve information from the database. Once you have experience in writing it, less likely you will have further queries in your output.


Typically, programmers use XML to describe data. Therefore, the basic knowledge of XML syntax will already be quite useful to your journey to become an Android developer. It will help you easily accomplish tasks such as designing the user interface (UI) and analyzing the data obtained from the internet.

Besides the knowledge and technical expertise and programming language, developers also need to equip themselves with the skills necessary for the software. Those are some of the important elements that you should consider with regards to technical skills.

Basic Soft Skills for Developers


When creating a new application, most developers go through series of struggles. You must be a persistent person because it always take a long time to think about how to create the best product for users. You will encounter errors again, and utilize this lesson to overcome the same challenge.


Cooperation is important for most of the work of the developers. You also have to know how to support effectively with your colleagues and support the project in the best ways. Moreover, you have to communicate with designers, marketers, or managers, and receive comments about your tasks. The key is to be confident about your work for you to be comfortable in connecting with your other workmates.


All good programmers, even in the mobile sector or other sectors, must try to learn every day, especially in the context of the rapid development of mobile applications today. With the advent of wearable devices, TV applications, and others, the developer must keep the changes and adapt to new technologies. Looking for a good web app and mobile app development agency partner is key to make success more visible.

In general, being an Android developer is an exciting occupation. Specializing in this operating system can help developers overcome many difficult projects and improve their abilities better. In the future, the technology market will need to have plenty programmers. Practice to help your business have a strong position in the market.