Agile Team for Agile Progress

Many businesses looking for technology partners are confident with the agile development setup, as it enables them to create solutions faster without sacrificing quality. In a Gartner study, about 46% of companies say they use agile for all or most of their application development. The report also shows how most of the various goals, from accelerating product delivery to managing changing priorities, are achieved through agile development.

As products and solutions are delivered in a faster and reliable way, businesses can grow more predictably, making it easier for decision-makers to steer their organization towards bigger goals more efficiently.

The Agile Development Team Advantage

An agile team focuses on the strengths of its leaders and members, making it a great setup for self-motivated, collaborative, and well-communicating professionals. Working with the agile team allows you to build digital solutions such as software in quick-finish steps called “sprints.”

With an agile team, you don’t need to monitor them all the time – agile teams are autonomous, and provide feedback as needed, and work on the inputs of stakeholders within their timeframes.

Consistency and Timeliness with an Agile team

Businesses benefit the most from a successful agile team with their consistency and timeliness. Each sprint is set in a given period of about two to four weeks, with the agile team delivering backlogs and having them tested in a continuous cycle until the product is completed. This consistency allows businesses to manage their own calendars better and plan their marketing strategies ahead.

Does Agile Software Development Work?

The resounding answer is YES, agile software development definitely works. Various studies, such as the State of Agile Report say that organizations report high customer satisfaction from developing their solutions through agile methodologies. It can be attributed to the ability of agile teams in proactively solving potential problems of a product right during the development stage, and being able to insert changes in priorities before the final product is deployed.

There are various agile methodologies practiced by development agencies around the world. Frontline Mobile Pte Ltd uses SCRUM, a quick, effective cycle that is also used by the majority of agile practitioners delivering successful projects today.

Agile software development is user-centred

The most important persons for solutions are the users and customers that will make use of them. Agile software development is better when combined with user-centric principles, as addressing user needs, frustrations, and goals will also deliver the anticipated results of clients.

More efficient resource allocation

Traditional or “waterfall” software development takes up more time and resources. As all planning and research happen in pre-production, the delivery of the MVP can end up getting delayed as organizations will need to ensure all the required data has been gathered first, compared to targeting specific needs through agile development.

Businesses can streamline their resources for projects through the tight structuring of an agile team, as teams perform only the necessary tasks to achieve specific objectives. In doing so, they minimize overhead costs and delays in production.