We Are a Highly-Experienced App Development Agency

Frontline Mobile Pte Ltd is one of Singapore’s earliest pioneers in app development, delivering excellent digital solutions to its clients for more than a decade. Throughout the years, we have launched and maintained products for our clients on both web and mobile fronts – from desktop systems to iOS and Android devices.

Our range of capabilities extends not only to apps themselves but also the intricate planning, design process, and industry practices that ensure each product is finished in the highest possible quality.

App Development for Web

Web apps are one of Frontline’s primary products. Our in-house developers are skilled in Progressive web apps, responsive design, and most modern languages including HTML5, AngularJS, and Node.js. Because web apps are server- or cloud-based, we prioritize our client’s security and digital compliance, and evaluate our designs to the highest standards in quality assurance testing.

Front End Development

Client-side interfaces are the gateway and reception area for businesses and organizations on the web. As user-centred designers, we at Frontline take extra care in ensuring that your web visitors and users experience your brand and message in the most satisfactory way possible. Our team of front-end developers are knowledgeable in the latest processes, languages, and tools in shaping your website or web app’s pages.

An Innovative Firm for App Development Singapore Businesses Trust

Frontline has worked with internationally-recognized names such as PayPal, the Alibaba Group, Samsung, and HP, as well as many Singapore-based businesses. Many of our designs have been implemented in either their internal or public-facing systems.

The Singapore government has also entrusted us with some of its most promising developments. We have been working with them in enhancing the nation’s digital transformation initiatives with true user-centred principles and practices.

All Your App Development Needs in One Place

Our team of highly-skilled app developers has a wealth of experience designing for mobile and related technologies and environments. No matter how small or big your project is, you can rely on us to do our best in bringing your app idea to life!

iOS/Apple App Development

Frontline iOS application development specializes in creating apps using Objective-C and Swift languages. We can build tailor-fit apps for any size of business or organization, and their preference of Apple devices – from iPhones to wearables and Apple TV. We also provide mobile back-end engineering services.

Android App Development

Frontline is also an Android application development company in Singapore, providing end-to-end development services for the world’s most popular mobile operating system. Our developers have more than ten years of experience in Java, customizing Android apps, and providing mobile back-end and front-end design.