If you’re looking for an Android application development company in Singapore to get your vision above and beyond, FRONTLINE can do the job. With several years of experience, our experts can provide for you the full end-to-end Android app development you’ve been looking for.

To make it easier and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with you and purchase your products, create a mobile app.

With a mobile app, there is a greater chance that your customers will buy products and opt to get your services whenever they want, wherever they are. And to reach your business using mobile application, you need to hire professional Android app developers, who are well aware of the programming environment and the requirements of the Google Play Store. Here at Frontline, our team of experts are all set to deliver your dream app based on your specific requirements and constraints. Our goal of becoming recognized as the top mobile app development company is fulfilled every time we deliver world-class mobile apps to our clients.

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Convert Website To An Android App Within 5 Minutes

Android App Builder Singapore
With FRONTLINE own developed app builder, customer can convert website to an android app with just one click. To minimize the developing cost, and it's the best method to upgrade the entire web system to mobile. Currently, Singapore has over 4 million users to use mobile instead of web. FRONTLINE app builder will help users to create the Android App without any programming knowledge. That's the reason of FRONTLINE always provide the highest quality and lowest price app development service in Singapore.

Customized Android App Development

Customized Android App Development

To make app has more functions like maps, interaction, social media or chat functions, customized app development is necessary. Different from Web to Android app, customized app is a software that website cannot fulfilled. FRONTLINE customized android app development service has served over 10,000 hours to local customers. FONTLINE provide man power outsourcing, especially for those high security app development purpose. App price will be calculated by labor hours, and developers will be work on site.

Android App Developer Outsourcing

mobile app developers outsourcing
FRONTLINE is the first company in Asia to provide android app developers outsourcing services for MNCs. Compared with in house app developers, FRONTLINE outsourcing service will dedicate assign programmers work for customers. Once the project finished, customers will return the programmers back to FRONTLINE. Minimize the risk of project management and reduce long term human resource management cost. Developers outsourcing is better than project outsourcing, because customers can fully control the project and developers not agency itself. To reduce risk of project development, FRONTLINE interviewed a lot of developers in India, Vietnam, China and Singapore

Android App Development Course and Training

android app development course
Android system has the biggest user coverage in world. Until 2018, 88% of smart phones sold are using Google Android OS, either modified or original. Android App development is a big market in Singapore. To become a professional android app developers, students request to learn JAVA and UI design. After one year study in the school, students can get a job from market.
FRONTLINE coordinates with SUTD to provide short term accelerate training course to teach student how to use those developers tools to create an native Android app. The course will teach students the UX to let students knows how to make a better user experience UI for an App.
The first course has been started on the February 2019 from SUTD. Local Singaporean can get course fee subsidy under SkillsFuture. Contact Us for the details of the courses and schedule.

FRONTLINE Android App Developers Team

Who Needs an Android App Development Company?

Nowadays, almost every business you can think of has a mobile app to handle customer inquiries, sales and other needs. Since people are always a hurry, choosing and buying products at their convenience is a must because they have no time to visit your store. They want to compare prices, color, quality, mode of payments, reviews and other aspects of purchasing a product with just one click. So, if you are a business owner, you would not want to be the last in this tight competition to get an android app for your business.
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