Android App Developers Outsourcing

What’s Android app developers outsourcing?

The number of Android Smartphone users the world over drastically increases year after year. In many different areas like production, planning and marketing Android mobile applications are widely used by small as well as large companies. When businesses want to leverage of the Android applications, they go for outsourcing.

Many local companies want to increase the sales. The key of online sales increasing by using app are customer engagement and better interaction within the app. Android apps enable the businesses to achieve these two and by way of hiring Android app developers from overseas in order to reduce the cost of development. The organizations are benefited in it and this process is known as Android app developers outsourcing. In Singapore, it is troublesome to develop Android apps by hiring developers because developers will get nothing to do once the project is finished. Country like US, developers outsourced from other countries like Vietnam, India and China, will reduce the cost of development.

Project outsourcing VS Developers Outsourcing

Project outsourcing is let the developers working on their own place. Companies who are outsourcing the project have to calculate the time to finish the project. Over 90% of project remote outsourcing contains quality problem. Some of them are just scam. It’s high risk for MNC outsourcing projects to some companies they don’t know.

Developers outsourcing will turn agency like a HR management company. Agency recruit the developers and send to customers site to work on certain project. Customers can control the developers and monitor the process of the entire project.

Why Need Developers Outsourcing?

Firms who want to develop an Android app or an iOS app require the service of an experienced as well as knowledgeable app developer to meet the requirements. Unless companies have the expertise in developing mobile apps, they have get the service of an expert who can deliver exactly what they need. The reliable app development company always ensures to develop the best quality app. Professional app developers can develop the best quality app very quickly and when they outsource the app developers from other countries. Businesses go for outsourcing of app developers to ensure quality, save time and to bring the app development project within their budget.

How FRONTLINE Outsourcing Developers to Work On-Site

The app market is rapidly expanding. It requires experience and a lot of skills to convert an app idea into a successful and efficient app. An efficient and highly knowledgeable app developer is essential for timely execution of the project. Various countries like US, UK, China, India, Vietnam and Singapore are known for their efficient and reliable app developers.

The app development service is combination of development, design and coding. The app development outsourcing company like FRONTLINE will recruit the app developers before any projects have started. Project manager will setup a meeting with clients to discuss the requirement of developers. How many developers needed and how long will they work for certain project.

Once it confirmed, developers will work on customers’ office (on-site) instead of customer setup weekly meeting to ask the progress of the project.

The good thing is FRONTLINE will train developers and take care of the human resource management. In Singapore, every foreign worker must apply work permit before working on customers’ office. It’s tough for some companies don’t have enough quota to get foreign workers. With fantastic project management skills and size of the company, FRONTLINE able to get qualified developers to make sure customers demands can be satisfied but cost maintains at the lower level compared with competitors.


FRONTLINE is a pioneer mobile app development outsourcing company based in Singapore and they are in the field of app development for the last 10 years. The app development team of FRONTLINE is known for their commitment to create user centered apps in iOS as well as Android. Frontline has a track record of successfully designing as well as developing mobile apps for internationally popular brands like YOKOGAWA, PayPal, Samsung and hp. FRONTLINE always makes use of the most advanced technology for developing the apps. FRONTLINE is always committed to execute the app development projects efficiently as well as cost-effectively. FRONTLINE ensures the best quality and the lowest price for app development.

Courses and training are provided by FRONTLINE

FRONTLINE is a Singapore based leading mobile app developer outsourcing company known for developing user centered Android as well as iOS apps. The company develops Mobile Apps as well as Web Apps for many leading companies like hp, PayPal and Samsung. The company uses cutting edge technology for developing efficient and cost-effective applications. FRONTLINE develops Android apps for a variety of fields including Travel and Hospitality, Real Estate, restaurants, online education, payment and block chain and clubs & AR. FRONTLINE specializes in developing customize Android app. FRONTLINE provided Android app developers outsourcing services in Asia for the first time. In developers outsourcing, the client company will be in full control of the project.

FRONTLINE is now offering Android App Development Course and training. The course was started in February 2019 by SUTD. FRONTLINE coordinates with SUTD and provides short term accelerate training course to students for developing native Android App using the developers tools. Students who attend this course are able to learn in detail about UX and also they learn how to improve the UX and UI of an app.

FRONTLINE also offers open positions in the fields of app designing and app development. They provide training to the students to create smart mobile apps. The mobile developers at FRONTLINE get a lot of opportunity to learn and share mobile app ideas.