We're a Pioneer App Developer in Singapore

Frontline Mobile Pte Ltd is one of the earliest adopters of mobile application development in Singapore. As a pioneer app developer agency, we have helped complete and launch dozens of projects created by our teams of highly-skilled app developers. If you’re looking to have a team or individual developers for your business or organisation, we have some of the country’s most reliable app designers and creators on our roster.

Work with an App Developer Singapore Brands Trust

You don’t want to work with just about anyone – that's why you can trust Frontline and its developers. We’ve worked with both multinational corporations and start-ups, delivering end-to-end development and testing for their app development needs.

We’ve worked with valuable brands such as Global Data Bank Inc., SCCCI, SMOU, Nanyang Technological University, and Singapore government agencies.

An Application Developer for Any Environment

Our developers are hired through a strict skills-based checking process, so you can be assured that only experienced hands are working on your app. We can work with both iOS and Android environments, ready to tailor-fit bespoke apps according to your business or organisation requirements.

iOS Developer for Apple Systems

Looking for experts to build an app to cater to the iOS market?

We have a team of iOS app development veterans who can create cross-platform apps for various Apple gadgets, such as iPhones, tablets, TVs and other smart Apple devices. They can also adapt existing apps for use in the iOS environment.

Android Developer for Android Devices

With Android devices making up more than half of users worldwide, the Play Store is a lucrative place for users to find your app.

Our Android app development experts have extensive experience in creating mobile and web apps for the Android ecosystem. They can do back-end engineering, customize applications, and provide open-source libraries that can be integrated to any Android app.

Create Apps with a FRONTLINE App Developer in Your Team

If you need extra hands and minds for your development team, hire one of Frontline’s expert app developers. You can trust us for outsourced app developers for your short or long-term projects.

Talk to us now and we’ll get you an app developer in no time!