A Dedicated Scrum Master Per Agile Team

An Agile Development team that runs a Scrum framework will work best with a dedicated Scrum Master. Here at Frontline Mobile Pte Ltd, each of our teams has a dedicated Scrum Master – ensuring that each team can do their work with the best possible flow. Less delays, fewer downtimes.

Assigning a Scrum Master can be a painstaking process for decision-makers such as IT department heads or CTOs. A Scrum Master must be knowledgeable in the entire process of the Scrum framework and agile methodology, as well as a good communicator and organiser.

What Does a Scrum Master Do?

A Scrum Master basically leads an agile team in a Scrum framework or setup. The role includes keeping the team organised and punctual, creating a harmonious relationship between them and the product owner, as well as addressing issues and preventing unnecessary disruption of their work.

Do I Need a Scrum Master, Project Manager?

If you’re using a Scrum framework for your projects – you definitely need a Scrum Master or Project Manager. Without one, it will be difficult to fill in the role using other personnel who might not be knowledgeable on the tasks a Scrum Master does.

With a Frontline Scrum Master heading your team, you can be sure that a vetted, well-experienced team player is helping your project members perform their best and deliver according to your expectations or even beyond. We can help you get a Scrum Master from the world’s newest tech hub in Asia – Singapore, and the SEA region.

Does Your Team Need an Experienced Scrum Master?

Work with one of the SEA region’s best Scrum Masters through Frontline Mobile Pte Ltd.

Get in touch with us and we can introduce you to a Scrum Master or Project Manager who can lead your team.