What Does a Java Developer Do?

Java is one of the world’s most-utilised programming languages in creating web and mobile platforms such as web applications and phone apps. A Java developer takes on responsibilities that include the architecture, design and development, analysis and testing, and other functions in creating software built with Java.

There are three usual levels of Java developers: Junior, Senior, and Lead Java Developer. Each level has certain levels of responsibilities, with Lead developers expected to also act as monitoring superiors.

The demand for Java applications remains strong despite the rise of other programming languages. Its widespread use in various systems for both commercial and non-profit organisations ensures its stability and strong market potential.

Find A Java Developer for Your App Needs

Getting a skilled Java developer for mobile can be a time-consuming endeavour. Frontline Mobile Pte Ltd can provide Java talents for your team as you need them, as many of our in-house Java programmers are specialists in Java-based mobile applications.

With mobile becoming the mainstream platform today for business, entertainment, and even productivity, it is no wonder that Java is also becoming more popular. As an object-oriented language, Java makes for a great medium for mobile as it requires defining data types precisely, saving resources.

Businesses can take advantage of this by having Java developers tailor-fit their apps to the Android environment – currently the world’s most-used mobile OS.

Expert Java Development Teams from Singapore

At Frontline, we have Java developers of all levels according to project or client needs. Our talent pool is drawn from Asia’s emerging tech hub – Singapore, and our other Frontline branches in the Southeast Asia region. Each is accepted through a rigorous hiring process that carefully checks their skill level for efficient placement in our teams or according to our client’s requirements.

Create Your Website or App with a FRONTLINE Java Developer

Work in full confidence with a Frontline Java developer for your web or mobile app project.

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