20 Skills You Should Look for When Hiring a Java Developer

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October 4, 2023
Does Your Java Developer Have These Vital Skills?

Are you currently looking to hire java developers? Here’s a checklist of the essential skills to look for as you compare and choose potential IT partners for your web or mobile app development project.

A Java Developer oversees designing, developing, and managing Java-based programs. Because Java is so extensively used, especially by big enterprises, everyday duties vary greatly, but might involve owning a specific program or working on many at the same time.

In this article, we’ll get to know more about their tasks and the essential hard and soft skills needed to accomplish them.

What Java Developers Do

These expert programmers are responsible for producing applications and software using the Java programming language. They interact with colleagues, software engineers, web developers, and others to utilise Java to construct corporate apps, websites, and more.

Java is a fundamental coding language widely recognised and utilised by most programmers. Despite competition from other languages in IT support services, Singapore still has a high need for Java developers.

And because Java is a technology that is constantly adapting to new requirements, it’s essential to possess the technical abilities and skills necessary to maintain a professional attitude and work ethic.

Hard Skills Needed from Java Developers

Hard skills to look for before hiring Java Developers

1. Core Java Skills

Let’s start by examining the most fundamental and vital abilities necessary to become a Java developer in IT support companies in Singapore. Essential Java skills are the foundation of any successful Java developer. The majority of recruiters look for the following core Java skills:

  • Object-oriented programming (OOP). This foundational Java skill is used to join objects to improve code safety and stability.
  • Design patterns are code blueprints that aid in the resolution of difficulties in a software development module.
  • Abstract classes. In OOP, abstraction is used to ease code. A Java interface is also used by developers for sophisticated coding.
  • Serialization is a Java procedure that turns objects into byte streams that may be used to transmit objects between Java virtual machines.

2. Java Build Tools

Java build tools are used by developers to automate source code applications. To accomplish tasks, they select from a variety of Java tools. Examples of Java build tools used by developers include Apache, Sonatype, Gradle, Bazel, Nexus and CMake.

3. Web Technologies

Online technology makes it simple and quick to produce dynamic web content. A deeper knowledge of Web Technologies helps you understand the concept of using markup languages to make communication possible across many computer systems. It provides a means to communicate with the host to gather information, similar to web pages. It makes use of HTML, JQuery, and CSS.

4. Java EE Components

Developers must understand how to build server-side applications utilising EE components such as Java Beans, Java Server Pages, and Servlets.

5. Java Testing Tools

Java developers may work through a variety of testing methods using tools such as TestNG and Selenium. A Java developer must be able to test their code without the use of a web browser to start the application.

6. Big Data

Java coding is used by developers to create stacks for the massive volumes of data saved in cloud-based services. Big data platforms Spark and Hadoop should be known to Java developers.

7. Principles of DevOps

The knowledge of DevOps is critical. They can improve communication and lead to increased productivity. Java developers that understand DevOps concepts can maintain current product deployments and build new ones more quickly.

8. Spring Boot Skill Set

Spring Boot is essential for Java developers since it allows for agile prototyping of web applications. It supports JAR files, gives analytics, and includes various plugins to assist decrease expenses and improve project quality.

9. Frameworks for Advanced JavaScript

For front-end development, Java programmers need to grasp how to leverage complex frameworks such as React or Vue.

10. Blockchain

This technology assists developers in creating systems that are more secure in order to prevent an outside breach. A blockchain records all digital transactions that occur on a computer network.

Soft Skills to Look for in Java Developers

Look for these soft skills as you choose Java Developers for your web development projects

11. Team  Play

Building a good team is essential for software development in providing IT support. In addition to the technical capabilities we’ve discussed, choosing applicants with strong collaboration abilities is critical.

12. Adaptability

Because new Java system versions are continually being released, your Java developers will be inundated with new responsibilities to do. Being adaptive may help Java developers deal with unforeseen developments and address new issues.

13. Empathy

Understanding the audience or customer using the product is essential for identifying output requirements. As a result, it is a crucial talent that helps the role of Java developers.

14. Organisation

Java developers should understand the significance of effective organisation. Using a code version control system like GitHub or GitLab can help with this because developers can utilise them for task management.

15. Time Management

Task prioritising, task planning, task execution, and feedback acceptance are all examples of time-management abilities (or reflecting on tasks). All of these abilities help with task management and increase productivity.

16. Motivation and Work Ethic

Work ethic and motivation can help a Java developer be more productive and successful. The more their motivators connect with your business, and the more they believe their job is significant, the more likely they will perform well and stay in their position.

17. Communication

Java engineers understand how to communicate in Java’s textual form as well as how to recognise nonverbal cues, define the processes necessary to complete a task, and speak with decorum.

18. Problem-solving

Problem-solving is an essential soft skill for developers. Throughout the development lifecycle, Java developers will apply problem-solving abilities. Problem-solving abilities facilitate project completion by detecting difficulties and brainstorming ideas, as well as thinking critically about implementing solutions and producing a product that meets end-user expectations.

19. Creativity

In the face of difficult customer requirements, creativity aids Java developers in developing software solutions that fulfill them. Using creative talents to program in Java also entails discussing ideas that may not have been considered previously, because cooperation improves creativity, and creativity, in turn, benefits other team members.

20. Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is required for Java developers, and it should be paired with problem-solving abilities and attention to detail to analyse complicated end-user needs, come up with innovative solutions to problems, and solve problems by considering all of their elements.

Why Partner with a Web or Mobile App Development Company in Finding Java Developers

The advantages of partnering with a web or mobile app development company in finding expert IT professionals

Finding proficient Java developers is quite challenging, especially if you don’t have the right network or adequate knowledge to vet possible candidates. This is where partnering with a web or mobile app development company can be beneficial. Here are some reasons why this could be the best strategy for finding Java developers for your team.

Access to a talented pool of experts

A reliable app development firm will have a group of experienced Java developers who can take on your project right away. They may possess more skills, knowledge, and experience than a single employee who you might find on job portals. A development company saves you time and resources like money, allowing you to focus on other critical business operations.

Collaborative and communicative working environment

Partnering with a development company means you receive excellent communication both before starting the project and throughout the development process. Such a working environment ensures successful outcome and gives you constant control over the development process. With real-time feedback, these IT outsourcing agencies help create an amicable working structure that produces top-notch results.

Having a project lead or manager to connect with your team

Working with a development company also means getting a project lead or manager who acts as the mediator between your business and the development company. The manager can communicate your company’s goals and visions to the development team and ensure they follow the path laid out by your company. The project lead will also provide updates on the development process, share suggestions, answer questions, and accommodate your requests to maintain transparency in your project.

Flexibility and scalability

As a business owner or IT manager, you may have experienced developing software that went over or under budget due to factors like schedule delays, unforeseen changes, or external challenges. Hiring an app development company offers you more flexibility and scalability as they manage external factors that can interfere with your project and has resources to tackle urgent changes needed for your project. Thus, a development company provides customised services that can speed up the development process without compromising quality.

Cutting-edge technology

As technology is ever-changing, it is essential to keep up with it. It may be challenging for a company to keep track of the latest technology and the best practices to implement these technologies. Partnering with an app development company helps you keep abreast of trends that can put you ahead of your closest competition, providing innovative and intuitive applications optimized for optimal user experience.


Java is one of the programming languages still relevant nowadays. However, since it’s everywhere, we need to search for the right developers or IT providers to support us with our Java-related concerns.

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