Common IT Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

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Making the Most of IT Outsourced Services

Outsourcing IT functions allows you to improve and deliver projects faster, but service providers aren’t equal. Take note of these common mistakes when seeking IT support to ensure you’re with the right IT outsourcing company.

As modern businesses strive to keep up with the rapid technological advancements, the digital economy has also witnessed an exponential growth in IT outsourcing services.

The services of outsourced IT support firms have enabled a vast range of enterprises to meet the demands of the digital savvy market and stay relevant in the tech-driven business world.

However, the rise of outsourcing options has become overwhelming that companies sometimes end up using IT support services without much thought, reducing its supposed benefits.

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IT Outsourcing at a Glimpse

Generally, IT outsourcing refers to the contracting of an external entity to provide digital solutions to a company’s digital needs. These services include website designing, mobile application development, and front-back-end infrastructure creations

The advantages are immense. Outsourcing is cost-effective because it minimises the need to make substantial investments in hiring full time IT personnel or forming an internal IT division. It also ensures access to highly competent technical professionals specialised in the technical nuances of digital innovations.

Common Mistakes in IT Staff Augmentation

Ensure that your business maximises its partnerships with IT support agencies. Take note of these common mistakes in IT outsourcing.

Poor Selection and Impulsive Decisions

Due to the vast number of potential IT outsourcing business partners, many companies seek out the cheapest option and make hasty decisions based on this factor.

Cost becomes the major deciding factor, which isn’t always productive. For one, when cost is the ultimate basis, companies tend to play hardball during negotiations to reduce expenses, without considering whether the service truly aligns with the company’s goals or addresses their concerns.

Making decisions based solely on price can also lead to poor-quality services or products or even the selection of IT service provider that credible lacks credibility, operates in volatile areas or conditions, and do not have the required track record for the task.

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Poor Process Management

Managing the entire IT project is critical for achieving effective and successful outcomes, especially for start-up companies in developing countries like the Philippines. Many companies disregard the specifics of working arrangements, simply sign contracts, and then leave the entire process to IT support firms.

Unfortunately, when a company focuses only on contracting agreements and doesn’t participate in product improvement or fail to improve the process throughout the contract duration, it indicates that it’s not invested in finding solutions to its own problems.

This is unfortunate because they understand the problem better and thus could offer valuable input. Poor relationships, like this, can result in unregulated or unmet expectations, strained relationships and, ultimately, frequent switching of IT service providers, which is more expensive and inefficient.

Lack of Long-Term Projections

IT outsourcing in the Philippines can also be more effective by projecting long-term needs even after an IT service has been provided.

A number of enterprises assume that an IT solution or product from an external provider automatically means greatly reduced operational cost. However, this isn’t always the case since externally provided digital solutions require internally provided support systems.

This means a company must still invest in transition processes like human resource development, employee trainings, and capacity-building to ensure that they can manage, maintain and improve IT production.

These efforts are necessary in optimising and sustaining any digital innovation, and it’s necessary to project their cost, in addition to the expense of contracting a third-party service provider.


Outsourcing critical IT functions, such as web and mobile app development, can provide many benefits to modern businesses. However, thoughtless selections and poor process and transition management can lead to rash commitments, lack of long-term goals, weak projections and unregulated expectations.

These costly mistakes keep organisations from leveraging outsourced IT support services to their advantage. To find the best IT solution, it’s therefore important to first consult potential providers about long-term approaches to IT innovations.

Gathering insights from IT support agencies will also allow you to find the best match for your business. To find out more about options available to companies requiring IT services or advice, visit