Glenn Lubuguin

September 5, 2023
Making the Most of IT Outsourced Services

Common IT Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid

As modern businesses strive to keep up with the rapid technological advancements, the digital economy has also witnessed an exponential growth in IT outsourcing services. The […]
July 5, 2022
Business planning is an incredibly detailed process and ERP systems can aid you in making better strategies.

ERP System: A Revolutionary Innovation in Business Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a fairly recent addition to the expanding application of digital innovations in business management. In a nutshell, ERP solutions are software […]
May 13, 2022
Quality Assurance is one of the most common yet confusing things even for business decision-makers.

Common Misconceptions about Software Quality Assurance

For many people, software development, testing, and quality assurance (QA) are all technical processes that involve the same activities and require the same proficiencies like using […]
May 6, 2022
Know how to make sure you're doing mobile app development right.

Right Problems, Wrong Solutions: Avoiding Improper Decisions in Mobile App Development

Having too many options is not always good. This is especially true in today’s ever-expanding digital industry where there seems to be overcrowding of application developers […]
March 16, 2022
Companies investing in remote data entry should know how they can best gain from it.

Remote Data Entry Benefits and Challenges in the New Normal

The rise of self-service data analytics revolutionised the way organisations and institutions manage data. Business intelligence, as it is now called, refers to summarising data input, […]
February 23, 2022
Mobile apps have helped rapid development in commerce. How can it help in public health management?

Public Health Management – Using Mobile Technologies for Better Monitoring

The COVID-19 enigma and impact continue to plague the world despite some countries on the road to recovery due to the emergence of new variants. Along […]
February 9, 2022
Agile software development is a hot topic in the world of digital right now. Its key principles govern what agile is supposed to be.

Basic Principles of Agile Software Development

Adaptive, interactive, responsive, and collaborative – these are the primary goals and features of agile software development, a school of thought in innovations thinking that has […]
November 17, 2021
The Role of UIUX Design in Humanising Digital Creations

The Role of UI UX Design in Humanising Digital Creations

User-centred design is generally regarded as the art and science of specific, solution-oriented digital creations. This is due to its sensitivity to user needs while at the same […]
November 10, 2021
New Frontiers in iOS Development

New Frontiers in iOS Development

The volume of mobile consumption continues to rise exponentially and Apple, one of the world’s largest mobile firms, produces close to 30% of these activities. Thanks […]
September 20, 2021
A Southeast Asian nation is rushing to the forefront of the tech frontier.

The Rising Digital Creation Industry in Vietnam

Vietnam suffered and struggled to recover from perhaps one of the most devastating civil conflicts in contemporary history. Today, however, its economic success has propelled it […]
September 13, 2021
Today's workforce is extra-mobile and flexible thanks to developments in the IT industry.

How the IT Industry is Redefining Professional Flexibility and Mobility

The digital revolution has radically changed the employment landscape and redefined concepts of job tenure and security. With digital transformation now affecting production, management and virtually […]
August 16, 2021
Combining the two sides of web development has great advantages.

Understanding Front- and Back-End Integration in Website and Mobile App Development

Singapore has become an epicenter of the growing information technology (IT) services and outsourcing industry. A typical mobile app development company in Singapore today provides inclusive […]
August 9, 2021
Having IT support of your own to back your personnel is always a good idea, but is outsourcing a great option too?

IT Support Services: In-House Upgrading vs Outsourcing

As mainstream trade and commerce transactions rapidly shift into the digital world, the growing demand for information technology (IT) support services skyrocketed in the last decade. […]
July 19, 2021
Having a hard time looking for a web developer? Here are some reasons why.

The Truth about the Search for Competent Web Developers

Over the past decades, the number of agencies offering web development services has grown exponentially, thanks to the continuously increasing market demands. This demand is, of […]
June 28, 2021
The boom of internet connectivity in phones changed the mobile app development world through the years.

From Past to Present: What Changed in Mobile App Development?

In a digital world characterized by heavy reliance on web-based and mobile platforms to conduct day-to-day interactions, commercial operations, and other transactions, developing efficient applications has […]
June 7, 2021
Responsive web design is popular for its user-centric features.

Traditional to Responsive: What has Changed in Web Design and Development?

Today, the distinction between the digital and the real world has almost collapsed as more and more human social interactions and business transactions are being conducted […]