Right Problems, Wrong Solutions: Avoiding Improper Decisions in Mobile App Development

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Know how to make sure you're doing mobile app development right.

Know how to make sure you're doing mobile app development right.

Having too many options is not always good.

This is especially true in today’s ever-expanding digital industry where there seems to be overcrowding of application developers and firms providing IT support. With the myriad options in outsourcing application development, many companies are prone to commit mistakes in deciding how to augment their limited in-house IT capabilities.

A Bloating Industry

The digital world has become a “real” world in the sense that many activities, business transactions, and social interactions are now dependent on various digital technologies. Mobile applications are at the centre of this trend.

These apps allowed access to many digital services such as research, shopping, personal and group communications, and more. Due to this, Allied Market Research (AMR) reported that in 2019, the $106.27 billion market is expected to balloon up to $407.31 billion in just 8 years due to the expansion of mobile application necessities particularly in e-commerce, gaming, and now, health and fitness.

As a consequence, mobile application development today accounts for 28% of all digital job advertisements, making it the most popular IT job type, quickly overtaking web development. As a ballpark figure for the number of companies and individuals who are into mobile app development, there were a total of 634 new games and 2,600 new apps submitted to the iTunes App store in August 2021 alone.

Outsourcing Digital Solutions

Outsourcing digital solutions to specialised service firms have become a trend. This is because outsourcing provides a relatively easy and economical solution to boost a company’s IT capabilities.

Contracting top app developers for app development is a usual solution to addressing the need to build quality apps. The popularity of outsourcing can be attributed to at least three common problems shared by most companies operating in the digital age.

First, companies aim to expand their market and a mobile-first strategy is the simplest and most cost-effective way to do this given the volume of online users using mobile worldwide. Second, companies also want a competitive advantage over their competitors and innovative applications can help create this advantage.

Third, the in-house development of IT personnel takes a lot of time. Many experts believe that this is not an efficient option since the need to perform in the digital world is urgent and pressing. In-house development can also be very costly because companies need to pay full-time staff along with incentives and bonuses, and not all companies need to make or improve their app all the time.

Right Problems, Wrong Solutions

Outsourcing app developers is a practical solution to improve business operations. However, considering the growing number of IT service firms to choose from, deciding on which company to choose and what arrangements to make can be tricky. Some companies often commit simple mistakes when contracting a mobile app development company.

Since there are a huge number of service providers, many companies readily switch providers without addressing the root problem. Many companies do not reflect on the problem on hand and often start a contract with IT partners simply to keep up with the trend, be creative and be innovative without reflecting on the needs of the company and their customers.

Many companies also find the cheapest outsourcing available or play lowball negotiations to cut costs with outsourcing. With financial cost rather than adequacy and collaboration as the bottom line, quality is compromised and opportunities for growth are also limited. The right solution would be to partner with competitive agencies with best-value services rather than those with cheap price tags but questionable output.


Many companies today outsource their mobile application development needs, but many who do outsourcing don’t do it properly. Companies should have a vision of what they want their app to be before thinking about outsourcing app development. This also involves contracting a reliable third-party agency, many of which are found in digital hubs like Singapore to provide digital solutions in a very competitive industry.

However, considering the vast number of mobile development service providers, it is challenging to find the right partner and arrangements. For companies looking for a reputable and reliable app developer in Singapore such as Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd., a web and mobile app development company with over 10 years of experience with international clients and government agencies. To know more about our services, you can send our team your enquiries at https://www.frontline.com.sg/contact/ and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.