The Best Way to Hire Reliable Data Entry Specialists Revealed

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Hiring Data Entry Specialists: How To Do It The Right Way

A data entry specialist increases operational efficiency in businesses that are going digital. Consider these tips as you hire someone in-house or partner with a data entry services provider in Singapore.

Enhancing digital strategies to make operations more efficient is a paramount priority for modern businesses, especially those undergoing digital transformation. Hiring a data entry specialist can help businesses streamline data digitalisation tasks.

These professionals are equipped with skills and knowledge that are useful in uploading volumes of data accurately from non-digital sources to their proper databases. Provided with the latest advanced solutions in data processing and management, they can help centralise all critical business processes.

If you plan to employ data entry experts in your company, keep these points in mind so you would hire only the best-fit candidates.

Tip #1: Understand the Job

Before posting the hiring announcement on your website or reaching out to recruitment experts, identify the data entry needs of your business. By knowing the scope and limitations of the role, you’ll have a better idea of what capabilities data entry personnel should have.

Some of the critical duties of data entry specialists include:

  • Setting up and gathering all files for entry
  • Inputting data from various sources as quickly and accurately as possible
  • Collecting customer orders and loading them into the company’s tracking systems
  • Comply with all the necessary data management practices and keep a high standard of efficiency and accuracy
  • Checking data queries and reporting significant data errors to the assigned supervisors

It is also necessary to fix data inconsistencies by coordinating with developers or designated authorities to address the erroneous data. This function is extremely crucial to ensure all data is verified. According to a study, only 3% of companies meet basic data quality standards.

Tip #2: Ask the Right Interview Questions

Hiring the best data entry clerk will be easier if you know which questions to ask during the interview. In addition, this part of the hiring and policy procedures will be your chance to gather more information about their technical skills and other experiences.

It is best to ask relevant questions about the job posting, including:

  • How do you achieve high accuracy in entering data?
  • Do you have experience using digital office applications? What software have you used previously?
  • Have you done any troubleshooting procedures in data entry? Can you provide examples of when you found and fixed a data entry issue?
  • How do you set and prioritise your job when sorting and analysing huge amounts of data?

The way the candidate answers will let you know if they are the right match for your company or fits your company’s data entry role requirements.

Tip #3: Decide If You Want an In-house or Outsourced Data Entry Professional

Businesses can choose to hire either on-premise or remote data entry staff. If your company relies on intensive data gathering, input, and analysis from local or on-premise sources such as unsorted hard copies and old disk drives, hiring an in-house data entry expert could be your best option.

However, if the data pool your data entry staff will collect information from come from digital sources such as compiled raw data in your servers or cloud-based sources, or from unsorted raw data such as surveys, your better option is to outsource your data entry jobs.

Outsourced data entry services provide plenty of benefits. For example, during the onset of the pandemic in 2020, governments worldwide imposed lockdowns and other physical distancing protocols to curb the virus. Businesses and office spaces had to adapt to the scenario by doing all their tasks remotely, including data entry jobs.

If you need to hire a data entry professional, you must gauge whether your needs require a permanent staff member or a temporary team member. Most importantly, you need to get services from outsourcing companies that know how to work efficiently despite challenges like the pandemic.


Hiring a data entry professional can boost your company’s digital transformation strategy. To ensure you hire reliable data entry experts, you should first understand the role, ask the right interview questions, and decide if you need them in-house or outsourced, with the latter being more effective for a number of situations.

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