How Does an Agile Development Team Work?

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What Makes an Agile Team Stand Out

Developing digital products can involve dividing tasks into smaller chunks and receiving consistent feedback from end-users. An agile development team follows this approach to achieve high-quality results, faster.

“Agile” is a set of principles that guide developers in creating user-focused development processes. These guidelines become the basis for various methodologies and frameworks used in agile development, such as Scrum. Developer teams then follow designated steps as prescribed by the methodology they are using. 

You may have also seen how various large companies, particularly innovative ones using technology to improve their business, are forming their own Agile team or hiring one for their purposes.  

But don’t just jump on the bandwagon – it would be best to first understand Agile teams and how they work. 

The Agile Team Structure 

The Agile Team Structure

The Agile team structure does not look like a cake with so many layers– which is the most common type of structure in the work-related process, called “the waterfall.” Its structure is composed of teams running mostly horizontally – fostering collaboration between members.  

There are various types of team structures that an Agile development team can follow. Regardless of the structure chosen, almost all Agile teams involve the presence of several core types of members: the Product Owner, Team Members/Developers, Testers, and Team Leads (such as Scrum Masters and Project Managers).  

These divisions work hand-in-hand, with the team leader ensuring that everyone can work according to their chosen methodology.  

In order to produce a more valuable and efficient outcome, Agile team members maintain open communication regarding their work, allowing them to have fast-paced yet high-quality results. 

Breaking Projects into “Sprints” 

Breaking Projects into “Sprints”

An Agile team works in iterations called “sprints.” They break down their entire project timeline and development into small bits to deliver results relatively faster and with better quality.  

Working in sprints helps the team perform tasks efficiently as it allows them to implement changes and updates without disturbing the whole project. This is one of the unique properties of Agile development: it involves and accommodates continuous improvement. 

The shorter timelines and controlled number of deliverables allow an Agile team to produce products in a more flexible manner and with fewer risks, test their products more often for better quality, and keep the team members better motivated.  

This process helps them look into their tasks easily, allowing them to identify, troubleshoot, and prevent problems that might arise throughout the Agile software development process.

Open Communication and Continuous Improvement

Open Communication and Continuous Improvement

An Agile team is dependent on feedback from Product Owners and end users. They work closely with all team members involved, making sure that the results will be aligned with what clients want and what end users need.  

In contrast with traditional software development structures where only specific people communicate regarding direction and progress, Agile team members can update product owners and leads about how they can solve particular problems, as well as suggest solutions.  

An Agile team functions so well because they are open to customer feedback, involving them in the process and ensuring that their requirements are met.  

This user-centred approach puts customer satisfaction at the core of the agile team’s objectives, making the product a satisfactory solution for both end users while aligning with the product owner’s vision. 


Knowing how an Agile team works gives you an idea of its advantages and how it can be tailor-fit to satisfy your workflow and development timelines, even your corporate culture. From the team structure to the specific steps and processes in development, you can be more flexible while keeping high-quality standards using Agile development principles. 

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