How to Look for a Copywriter: The Smart Way

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The Efficient Way to Search for a Competitive Copywriter

Content remains king, more so in the digital age. Using professional copywriting services can help you effectively communicate with your target audience, develop relationships, and receive your desired response.

Business owners know how important a copywriter is for their company and their marketing efforts. These professionals can effectively help a brand connect with its target audience.  

Statistics revealed that WordPress published more than 2 million blog posts every day during the first quarter of 2022. And it’s no secret that website copywriters are among the major contributors to these figures.

While the demand for excellent copywriting continues to surge, professional copywriters remain hard to find. In countries like Singapore, where 4.92 million out of 5.83 million people access the Internet regularly based on the country’s Digital Marketing Statistics 2020, well-written content is crucial to market a brand.  

If you’re a Singaporean business and have yet to find a reliable copywriter, here are some tricks to help you find the best person for the job.  

What Can Businesses Gain from Copywriters and How to Find Them  

What Can Businesses Gain from Copywriters and How to Find Them

Some business owners have no idea why they need a copywriter for their enterprise. There’s more to websites than just plainly describing your brand; the best copywriting experts must be able to showcase the values of your business and leave a lasting impact on viewers. This helps persuade audiences to complete a transaction or convert them into customers.

Fortunately, many agencies involved in the IT outsourcing business industry also employ talented copywriters. 

If you’re already searching the market for a competitive copywriter, Singapore is a great starting point. The country’s high literacy rate and top-notch education system guarantee that many Singapore-based copywriters can produce quality articles. 

To facilitate your search, it helps to be aware of the important traits of an effective copywriter like strong attention to detail and commitment to clarity.  

Learn Where to Scout for a Talented Copywriting Specialist 

Anyone can claim to be a copywriting expert, but not all content writers can be taken at face value or would be equally competitive with their peers.  

To avoid costly trial-and-error when hiring copywriters, you may do the following:   

  • Look for an article you like and find out who wrote it. Most of the time, the content on these websites is handled by a group of copywriters experienced in writing read-worthy posts. While most of these professionals are full-time members of the company, some may be freelancers who regularly contribute to the site.   
  • Find a reliable content management agency . There are plenty of digital marketing teams in Singapore. Look for an agency that are willing to provide sample works of their copywriters or have some displayed on their website. If you find interesting work, you may request the team to assign a writer for your company.  
  • Check the writer’s specialisation. If your company offers specific products to the public, you must find a copywriter knowledgeable about your niche. For example, if you’re offering organised tours in Singapore, then you need a copywriter who knows a lot about travel and tourism to ensure that their content can effectively reach your target audiences.  

Set Specific Expectations on Deadlines  

Set Specific Expectations on Deadlines

You can spot a good copywriter by giving them a clear deadline right from the start.  

One of the top secrets in hiring and training the best website copywriter is giving them a writing assignment with a strict one- to three-day deadline. It’ll allow you to see the potential copywriter’s work ethic. This process will also let you understand the candidate’s technical writing skills and ability to work with you or your team.  

Figure Out Your Compensation Scheme 

Any professional would be more motivated to fulfill their duties if they’re compensated properly and on time. Depending on your agreement, you may pay them based on their experience and knowledge, for a one-time project, or a long-term contract.  

Some copywriters require a retainer fee for a specific period. They can provide you with a particular number of content depending on the month, quarter, or year. Meanwhile, you may also encounter copywriters who want royalties for every product sold by the company.

Whatever setup you and your copywriter choose, you must ensure that everything’s fair for both parties.  


Hiring copywriters is crucial for Singaporean businesses. They can encourage potential customers to visit your website and convert them from casual users to actual customers. You can begin your search for copywriting service with the top digital marketing and solutions agencies in the country.  

One such agency is FRONTLINE Mobile Pte. Ltd., one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Singapore, and has a talent pool that can work on any copywriting needs. Drop us a message at to learn more about our services.