3 Excellent Traits of Effective Copywriters

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3 Excellent Traits of Effective Copywriters

Finding someone who could fit your communication standards like a glove is difficult, especially if it is a crucial piece in one’s work or business. This is a common problem for businesses or organisations needing consistent output for social media, advertising, and other communication lines – this is where copywriters come in.

Let’s talk about copywriting in the digital era. For many companies looking for a copywriter, Singapore is one of the best sources of talent. Why is it so? Professionals in the country have these top 3 skills you can look out for when finding the most suitable copywriter for you:


#1: Knowledgeable in Research Methods and Tools


#1: Knowledgeable in Research Methods and Tools

Competitive copywriters are diligent information seekers. They are tireless in researching about your business, your audience, your brand, and your products and services. Besides, one cannot talk about something they don’t have any idea about! In a contemporary training program in the Philippines called “Zen of Copywriting,” research and copy go hand-in-hand: “Research is king; copy is queen”. It is described as an unbreakable duo where the latter cannot exist (and will stop existing) when the former isn’t valued and done. So, in order for you to increase sales and improve marketability, your copywriter should be eager to research well to write compelling copies.

That’s why when looking for a copywriter, ask them how they write their copy; if research isn’t in one of their answers, you might want to reconsider hiring them. Whether you are looking for a business, social media, or a website copywriter, having research skills is a must. It would also be easier to collaborate with a digital media or copy talent agency that can provide you with professional copywriting personnel to work with.


#2: Prioritises Clarity


#2: Prioritises Clarity

Another thing you should look out for is clarity of expression and communication in their writing. Any copy that lacks clarity, even if creatively written, can cause confusion and may ultimately lead to losing your readers’ attention. Clearly written pieces allow you to connect better with your audience because it helps them understand you easier—adding more to your value.

Furthermore, articles, content, and other types of copy will only be effective once it is properly executed—concisely with clarity, having words purposely written. And similarly, with the photo above, it can be inferred that as glasses make one see clearer, the copy shall make your audience visualise your business better.


#3: An Eye for Detail

Effective copywriters are detail-oriented because they often produce high-quality, error-free works. Hiring copywriters with this specific skill will surely help and benefit your company a lot, minimising additional work and time spent on revisions, especially when your business is starting to thrive.

It can be difficult for an average person to spot mistakes in a composition—but do take note that some small mistakes can change your message’s whole meaning. These can either damage or enrich your company’s reputation, and who wants to have the former, anyway? For that very reason, one who can proofread and correct their own grammatical and typographical errors are precious gems.

If you ever wondered where to find excellent copywriters, don’t hesitate to go to copywriting talent agencies, or even some IT outsourcing companies that can provide copywriters. It can be especially helpful in unpredictable times such as pandemics, where IT outsourcing can help you big time in searching for talent and your other IT needs.



Right now, you may still ask yourself, “how can hiring a copywriter benefit my company?”, and “what skill sets do I need to look out for in a copywriter?” Surely, the three skills mentioned above show what a copywriter must have to boost your sales and benefit your company in the long run.

Finding the right person for your copywriting needs shouldn’t be that hard because of the continuous rise of digital talent and IT support services offered by remote talent companies such as Frontline. We offer a variety of services ranging from web and mobile app development as well as remote talent for your outsourcing needs. To connect with us, don’t hesitate to send enquiries to https://www.frontline.com.sg/contact/.