3 Soft Skills to Look for When Hiring a Big Data Engineer

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Soft Skills That Make Big Data Engineers Highly Competitive

A big data engineer handles large-scale data systems, so it’s natural to be extra cautious when selecting a candidate for the role.

In the digital age, processing bulk information has become a problem that proves too much to handle for non-data specialists. Fortunately, a big data engineer should be able to take on this assignment easily and smoothly.

Hiring a big data engineer for your project or business should be intentional, not just because someone said so, or because you think you might need one. To get the most out of your hired talent, you should know what skills they ought to have aside from technical ones.

Here are three soft skills a specialist in big data should have to be able to handle the grueling tasks assigned to them.


#1: Great Structural and Management Skills

In any job, having the capability to manage and create an efficient structure in their work process is vital. Hiring a big data engineer that could create an efficient workflow is an advantage for businesses. Why is this so?

Because having a smooth workflow boosts efficiency in delivering tasks , hence leading to improved outcomes. Having the ability to structure ideas enables a data engineer to design, create, and validate systems that work with bulk data sets.

Finding a candidate with expert knowledge in organising, processing, and managing data to make it easier to work with is a must for any data engineer. The candidate must also be knowledgeable about when and where to use the proper or compatible tools for the task at hand.


#2: Keen Eye to Detail

A lot of jobs require being detail-oriented. According to Indeed, there are at least 15 jobs that are fit for those with a keen eye for detail, two of which are data analysts and web developers, which are both in the IT field.

For big data engineers, being able to perceive miniscule details while looking at the “big picture” is an excellent soft skill. Handling big data is no joke, as failing to organise big data properly can result in inaccurate reporting, security problems, and more. Given how complex the job can be, multinational companies usually search for data engineering talent from technology-driven countries. When hiring a data engineer, Singapore is one of the best places to look into, thanks to its progressive view of technology careers.

Knowing the intricacies of coding and various programming languages is one of the arsenals of big data engineering. Since they do a lot of coding, being meticulous and having a close, careful look at the data they are managing is an essential skill you must look for in an applicant. This skill should not be ignored.


#3: A Good Listener

A big data engineer who listens well to the client’s directives and is open to hearing other ideas is noteworthy.

Since big data analytics is all about collaboration – not just with you as the client but also with the team that you are building – being able to find a candidate who is willing to have an in-depth discussion with you and the work required of him is an advantage for the business or project.

With the right attitude and a listening ear, imagine what great outcomes they can produce, which will surely contribute to the success of your business. While this may be recognised as a soft skill only, having this skill present in your team can optimise your processes and therefore, either increase your savings or help you make better business decisions.


Can’t Find One? Hire One of Ours!

You can form an excellent team if you hire a big data engineer with all these skills and more. While these skills are quite a giveaway, their possible contribution to your business should not be undermined. These are as vital as other technical skills that a data engineer should possess and ideally are part of your requirements.

There are many candidates out there, but you must be careful in identifying which ones have all the good technical and soft skills your company needs from them.

If you still can’t find one to your liking, it’s best to tap IT support companies in Singapore such as Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd. to help you build your dream team. Not only can we provide your company with the most excellent and well-trained data engineering talents and in-house experts, but we also offer IT support services. Don’t hesitate to contact us at https://www.frontline.com.sg/contact/.