5 Top Reasons Why Businesses Need A Data Engineer

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5 Top Reasons Why Businesses Need a Data Engineer

The necessity of understanding the nature and organisation of data grew exponentially over the years. More businesses realised the importance of evaluating data to help boost all areas in their operations. The need to maximise the use of data prompted companies to hire their own data engineer to work with relevant departments in processing raw or “big” data for the benefit of the business.

Speaking of companies with a data engineer, Singapore businesses and companies in tech-empowered countries are the ones who take confidence with people charged with the role and its contributions. It may be one of the most in-demand jobs in Singapore these days, but some firms are still unsure if this emerging profession can provide great value for their business. If you are still contemplating whether to put an expert in data engineering on your team or not, these reasons will help you decide to hire one soon.


What do Data Engineers do?


What do Data Engineers do?

The main responsibility of data engineers is to analyse and organise data. They develop an architecture for processing systems and databases to structure data, as well as generate value from raw data, by interpreting it and obtaining useful information that can be used to improve business performance.


What Makes Data Engineers Important for Companies?

According to a 2019 report from Gartner, data is a major driving force in the growth of a business. Its value cannot be underestimated in today’s data-driven industries. That’s why companies with data professionals have the capacity to perform better than those without. Here are some benefits data engineers offer for the company and their fellow IT personnel:


Reason #1. They Let Data Analysts Concentrate on Their Tasks

Data analysis is one of the core IT tasks of every company. The information collected through the analysis of raw data can help solve a lot of issues and challenges faced by your business. Gathering large amounts of data must be prepared properly to be accurately analysed. If your data analysts will also handle the preparation, it would take too much of their time and resources before they can start their actual task. Hiring a big data engineer will speed up the process by providing the necessary structure and flow for expert analysis.


Reason #2: Boosts Data Science Team Productivity Rates

Since the time spent by the data scientists on analysing data is reduced thanks to the data engineer’s contributions, it enables the team to finish more tasks and improve their overall performance. Data scientists in companies can then focus on creating sustainable and scalable improvements for data streams, further improving their productivity.


Reason #3: Data Engineers Contribute to the Growth of the Business


Data Engineers Contribute to the Growth of the Business

All information gathered from all aspects of the organisation, such as staff, customer data, network data, and the product, are analysed multiple times to come up with small or significant decisions, and data engineers can help this process by handling the company’s data infrastructure. By streamlining and organising how data is used for effective decision-making, data engineers also contribute to business growth.


Reason #4: Get Real-time Access to Data

Business owners, at times, need to make major decisions immediately when the situation calls for it. But to make sound decisions, the head of the company must rely on real-time data to give them an accurate picture of the current situation.

To help you make the right decision for your company, a data engineer can update you with all the useful information you need, sourced from data gathered and interpreted as quickly and accurately as possible. It will let you and other decision-makers come up with fast and effective judgment when needed.


Reason #5: For Better Data Integration

Most companies today rely heavily on Software-as-a-Service or SaaS platforms. However, some services may be unavailable from the vendors due to many possible reasons. Such disruptions may cause delays or problems with integrating third-party apps, tools, or other programs to your enterprise software.

Hire a data engineer for your team or outsource a professional from a reputable IT support services provider. By doing this, your company will still get the services you want to obtain a comprehensive view of the data.



Due to all the perks that your company can get from hiring a data engineer, putting an expert in data engineering in your team may be one of the best decisions you can make for your business. You can easily hire one from hundreds of competitive data engineers in Singapore.

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