The Role of UI UX Design in Humanising Digital Creations

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November 10, 2021
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November 24, 2021
The Role of UIUX Design in Humanising Digital Creations

User-centred design is generally regarded as the art and science of specific, solution-oriented digital creations. This is due to its sensitivity to user needs while at the same time aiming to optimise individual potentials.

Thanks to this approach that focuses on human needs, every UX designer today engages in addressing individual and social concerns as they create digital products.


The Role of UI UX Design in Humanising Digital Creations


Basics of UI UX Design

Traditional user interface design is primarily aimed at making technologies more interactive by providing functionality and aesthetics that appeal to consumers.

Its primary concern is making the user journey more comfortable and intuitive – creating harmony out of typography, images, and other elements for the majority of the product’s intended users.

However, the evolution of UX design saw it expand into a more holistic craft. A UI UX designer these days studies more than just how to code interfaces properly; they also research user needs.

This breed of digital designers is now more sensitive to not just how technology is used but also how it is experienced by consumers, including how it is bought in stores and when users avail of after-market services.

As such, UX design now considers the actual usability of technology as well as the convenience and opportunities that technology can provide.
Basics of UI UX Design


Applications as Aids to Human Learning

The result of a more user-centred design process was to make technology more human and intuitive. When a UI designer creates a design concept for educational purposes, he is now expected to maximise the planned product’s social capital by providing information-rich interfaces with interactive capabilities.

For instance, the addition of notifications and chat functions enhanced the social interaction functions of learning apps. Moreover, auto-update functions in these apps have not only made maintenance more convenient for less-knowledgeable users but also helped assure users of their reliability by suggesting newer services and features.

After all, apps used by schools to help teach children should ideally be geared towards making learning a seamless experience for all.

Helpdesk bots, user reviews, and self-help functions are among the breakthrough accomplishments of UX design. These functions help users and developers optimise and troubleshoot products that are highly useful for educational apps.


Using Applications in Addressing Social Issues

UX design has not just made technology more convenient and educational, but also more socially relevant in terms of finding innovative solutions to social problems. Recently, innovations in UX design have made profound impacts in healthcare.

User-friendly, convenient, and interactive health applications have improved access to healthcare services even among traditionally marginalised sectors, while wearable devices have made it possible for individuals to monitor and maintain healthy lifestyles.

Apps used in e-commerce, e-wallets, and other digital transactions have likewise revolutionised financial transactions by solving issues on geographical mobility, logistics access, and other restrictions that can affect the speed and efficiency of payment and collection processes.

In terms of decision-making, an iOS or Android UI designer now usually has access to back-end data that can help ensure frictionless, secure, and error-free user interaction with the product. Security and privacy issues in mobile devices remain a crucial point of consideration for developers, which include the handling of sensitive personal data. UI and UX designers also consider data safety for all users.
Using Applications in Addressing Social Issues


Moving Forward with Balance

As digital innovations shift to a user-centred approach, technical creativity is now balanced with essential values of empathy and solution-oriented thinking which lends a more human dimension to technology.

In Asia, the balance between technical creativity and human sensitivity has become a fundamental value for every UI UX designer in Singapore. Digital creations companies like Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd. have embraced these values in their design ethic. As a pioneer of digital solutions in Singapore, we embrace a humanised approach to designing and creating experiences in digital products. To know more about our products and services, please browse through our website or contact us here: