Common Misconceptions about Software Quality Assurance

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Quality Assurance is one of the most common yet confusing things even for business decision-makers.

Quality Assurance is one of the most common yet confusing things even for business decision-makers.

For many people, software development, testing, and quality assurance (QA) are all technical processes that involve the same activities and require the same proficiencies like using complex math, logic, and mechanical language. The truth, however, is that QA is an entirely different area of ensuring software value. In this era, it’s not only an issue of competitiveness but a necessity, especially in digital innovations in healthcare and technological transformation in banking.

Software Development versus Testing

Like most digital products, the quality of any software depends on two crucial processes: development and testing.

In a nutshell, software development involves the development, deployment, and support provision in creating and using a software. It’s a complex process that involves various computer specialists like programmers, engineers, and designers to develop different types of software such as operating systems, business programs, and application software.

Meanwhile, software testing refers to the process of checking the effective operations of a program based on the purpose of that program. This involves various kinds of tests from acceptance, integration, performance, stress, and usability using critical assessment tools.

Although intimately related, Kate Paulk, the author of “What Makes a Good Software Tester”, explains that developing and testing are different processes with different objectives and skills requirements. Developers build solutions catering to user needs and requirements and must have problem-solving skill sets. They look at the use case, customer requests, or other documentation they have to work with, then decide on the best way to address those requests.

Testers, on the other hand, determine the “fit-to-market” rating or effectiveness of a product and must possess problem identification and analytic skills. They compare the software to the problem, look for gaps or areas that don’t seem to solve the problem solution and determine potential risks and surprises.

Software Development, Testing and Quality Assurance

Software quality assurance is entirely different from testing and quality control (QC). QA is generally a method of checking whether a product complies with specified process standards. Software development and testing are integral processes in creating digital solutions, and software quality assurance is just as vital but has different concerns.

Unlike software development, testing, or QC, quality assurance does not involve creation or innovation but evaluates the complexity, structure, and coding practices employed in designing the software. Unlike software testing, quality assurance is not merely concerned about whether a program works but assesses reliability, efficiency, usability, and other aspects of optimisation and the process that reflects the quality of the product being created.

In many ways, QA ensures not just the soundness of design and usefulness of a digital product but its superior quality based on international regulations and standards. It is often conducted by external third-party or outsourced IT support to ensure objectivity.


Assuring the quality of a software involves not only the process of debugging but also putting in place checks and balances in the production process to ensure user satisfaction and optimum utility of a software product. Considering the add-on value of quality assurance processes, it is best to team up with a competitive quality assurance analyst in the industry such as Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd., a Singapore-based digital solutions and QA agency. We have certified QA experts and testers ready to help you improve your products and processes. Visit to find out how we can address your company’s quality assurance needs.