What to Look for When Hiring a Java Developer from Singapore

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Tips, tricks, and advice on hiring SG-based Java developers

Tips, tricks, and advice on hiring SG-based Java developers

Java is considered one of the most widely-used programming languages, with over 35% of developers worldwide using it. This is why developers that specialise in Java are always in demand in the IT industry.

However, finding a good developer for the job is always a challenge. Luckily, outsourcing good people is incredibly easy these days thanks to the availability of knowledgeable developers and agencies with in-house Java developers. For many multinational companies looking for a Java developer, Singapore is one of the most popular choices. The Southeast Asian city-state is home to many talented Java experts, usually under an outsourcing agency.

If your company software is Java-based or your technology officers suggest it would be best written in Java, there are some things you have to remember when hiring a Java developer for maintaining or creating Java-based software. This article explains some key points you should look out for when hiring one.

What is Java Used For?

For many non-techie decision-makers, one unanswered question about Java is: what is it used for? Java (different from JavaScript), is a programming language that can build applications or software for various kinds of platforms, from desktops to servers and even mobile devices. While there are dozens of options for programming languages, Java is one of the easiest languages for developers to use.

So, when looking for someone to build you a mobile app for your company or make you custom software, there’s a higher probability that there are more developers out there with experience using Java.

Make Your Job Easier with Outsourcing

Companies with long-term projects often hire in-house Java developers, but for those who only need project-based, short-term contracts or want to hire remote talent instead, IT outsourcing is a great option.

By outsourcing talent, you can choose from candidates for your remote teams virtually anywhere in the world. This means that you have more options to choose from, including countries with less expensive labour fees, so that you can get the best product possible at the budget you’re working with.

When it comes to IT outsourcing, Singapore is a great option for companies looking for expert Java developers. Their intense drive to become a tech powerhouse in Southeast Asia, made possible by their government’s digital initiatives, proves how reliable Singapore-based or Singapore-trained developers are.

Experience is the Key

Hiring a good Java developer is by no means an easy process. One way to quickly assess if the professional is good enough for the job is the extent of his or her Java development experience.

One key difference between junior and senior Java developers is the extent of their knowledge in efficiently building apps or software components. Junior developers have little to a couple of years’ worth of experience under their belt. Most of their knowledge includes creating functions and UI elements. Many of them may not have participated in large-scale projects, but they can write clean code that works as expected.

Senior Java developer is more advanced, with more years of experience than their junior counterparts, and have had experience in more and bigger projects. They usually know what works and what doesn’t work based on experience and accumulated knowledge of coding in Java. They write code with consideration to the rest of the team and are often given more important tasks and help supervise junior developers. This difference in the level of tasks and experience should give you an idea of what level of expertise is required to hire for your team.


Looking for a Java developer might not be as easy as it seems. To ensure you hire the right one for your project, consider looking for one through IT outsourcing from a Singapore-based agency, and know what level of expertise – senior or junior developer – that you need. One of the best Singapore-based agencies serving global businesses is Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd., an IT outsourcing and development company that can cover all your software and app creation needs. Here at Frontline, we have a whole range of Junior and Senior Java developers that you can hire for your remote team, so don’t hesitate and reach out to us at https://www.frontline.com.sg/contact/.