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There is a huge demand for Android app development .  This is owing to the over 1 billion active android devices that are located everywhere around the globe. It would be a gross understatement to say that android is an exciting space and platform on which one can develop applications. However, it does take a lot of practice and research in order to develop a game that will compete with other applications in the store. And although this is the case, what endears an application to most users is simplicity in use and originality in design.

Getting Started for Mobile App Development

Before beginning Android app development, knowledge is required on:
• How to use Java
• XML knowledge. To understand this there is a need to understand Javascript and HTML benefits.
• Photoshop as an optional extra. It will come in handy when customizing the components of the UI
• Android. Learn what it is and the ways in which it works. The best place to learn this is the Android website which gives an introduction to the software.

Environment setup

The requirements include the following:
• Installation of Java JDK
• Installation of Android studio which can be substituted for IntelliJ Idea or Eclipse.
• Installation of SDK tools.

Step 1: Android Studio

android studio

Step one: Android Studio

This is the best place to build an android app. It is the main Integrated Development Environment that renders all the necessary tools in one location. It is easy to download from the Android Developer’s website and comes with a complimentary Android SDK included in the package.

android studio

Step two:

Java Development In order to use Android studio on any device, Java should be installed. Specifically Java Development Kit. It is the programing language required to build the App. It is free to download from the internet and has simple instructions for installation. After installation it can be launched from the Android studio.

Step three:

starting the new project

The Android studio has a simple step-by-step guide that helps in creating the new projects. To begin a project, click on the “start a new Android Studio Project” option that appears on your Welcome to Android Studio Screen.

Step four:

choosing SDK
This is where the developer selects the types of devices and operating systems which the application targets.

Step five:

Android Emulator
The Android Studio has the ability to set up a software-based Android application in the computer used to develop apps. This application can then be used to run apps.


Android is definitely among the most used platforms in the world. It is free to download and is an open source software allowing for customization. There are game-builders that can help in developing an application for people who have no knowledge on coding.

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