Cross Platform Mobile App Development: How to Choose

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June 2, 2017
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June 6, 2017
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Many people have started to make use of mobile apps due to the increasing use of smartphones and their popularity. These mobile apps allow people to shop, access news, play online games and many other things that they can support. Nowadays, there is a big competition between Android app development and iOS app development. Individuals should learn about ways of determining the kind of platform that will work best on their smartphones. Here are some of the available mobile platforms people should know;

iOS App Development

This is known to be a closed platform. This means that all the devices it releases, its programming language and the apps it publishes are all in control of apple. Individuals will need to update their apps from time to time to the latest OS. This has however been made easy for users. Users nowadays go to the settings and launch an update for the same.

Android App Development

These apps are nowadays known to rule in the market share. Individuals should take an opportunity to target significance audience to their businesses. The technology of Android mobile has grown because of their efforts and Google’s acquisition. It has high ROI and a low investment due to its open source. With a mobile application, or a web, it is found to be an easy task to integrate, and this will, in turn, assist in easy customization of the mobile app to meet your business needs.

Windows App Development

Competition is tight nowadays. This version is available now too so many nations in the world today. It provides Universal Windows Platform and the benefit of the upgrade. With the feature of windows runtime model, an individual is capable of installing one app onto a wide range of devices.

Hybrid Apps

These apps are usually cost-efficient and easier to develop. Most codes can be written in JavaScript, iOS and HTML which are easy to port to other known platforms like the Android and iOS. Like the websites on the internet, these apps are built with the addition of many web technologies like HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

Native App Development

These apps are usually developed in a programming language native to the operating system and device and need a single specific app to be created for a single target platform.

Cross-Platform App Development

This platform usually assists business to create an application with the use of one code base which can often adapt to any operating system or platform. This platform application makes use of a common language like CSS, JavaScript and HTML and thus making it easy for maintaining of quality code and adoption of the product by developers.

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