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May 23, 2017
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Mobile App Development for Small to Medium Enterprise (SME)

We often see big companies such as airlines and hotels having their own mobile apps. Apps, however, are not restricted to only big players. Small to medium sized business also benefits from having a mobile app. It helps business become more accessible to their customers and the operations become more effective. Direct marketing such as informing customers about latest offer and discount is also possible. By developing a mobile app, SME will be able to heighten their brand competitiveness.

How To Use App Maker

There are many app maker in the market and almost same function. It’s just convert the HTML 5 webpages to App. When users run the app, actually it’s just use a browser to visit the website. Here are some platform can be used:

Simple Steps to Use App Maker To Make Custom App

Now if you are running a business and are interested in creating a mobile app, there are several options that you can choose. The most common way is to have professionals or mobile app development companies do the job for you. However, if you are tight on the budget, don’t be disheartened just yet.

There are many online app makers out there on the internet to do custom mobile app development. They may vary in the workflow of editing the app, but the differences are usually minor. In general, the app maker will provide instruction on the go that follows these steps:

  1.       First, you will be asked to choose if you want to start with a template or start from the scratch. As it will provide basic structures, the first option is recommended if you are an amateur and have never developed an app before.
  2.       The next step will be selecting a category for your mobile app depending on your business. Every category has their own unique features. For example, a music festival app will have a ‘line up’ page that contains database of the performing musical acts, a restaurant app will have ‘menu’ option, and so on.
  3.       You can then customize your app per screen (e.g.: homepage, menu, contact) and select which elements to be included (e.g.: editing the navigation bar). In addition, you can choose to use default background and pictures or upload your own.
  4.       After finish editing the mobile app, it will be ready for preview either on android or iOS. All you have to do is request for a link to download the mobile app on your phone.

Most of the online mobile app makers are quite detailed and provide useful features such as ‘location’. The function of this feature can vary depend on the business itself. For example, for online food ordering it is to pick the delivery point, and for music festival it is to show location and directory to the venue. It may also provide option for call-to-action by linking to website to make purchase or order ticket. Your business’ social media accounts can also be integrated to the app, so that you can engage the fans more directly. Some apps also let you edit more details such as welcome message, app description.

Another thing that may vary is the prices. There are many different packages with their own. For example, mobile apps that can be edited again and provide real-time stats will cost more than those that can’t. Removing ads and app builder watermark will also cost extra. In the end, online app maker is a viable solution to have your own mobile app. It allows for a reasonable degree of freedom whereby you can choose the package and features that best fit your needs.

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