5 Important Tips to Know Before Developing a Mobile App

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June 6, 2017
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June 8, 2017
5 Important Tips to Know Before Developing a Mobile App

Use of smartphones has had an impact on people’s lives with many people depending on them for various reasons. That is not surprising considering there are mobile apps that touch almost every aspect of people’s personal lives.

Businesses are also creating apps to help meet the needs and wants of their customers. However, there are some mistakes that many developers make while developing those apps. When building new apps, developers should consider issues such as security, app performance, and real-time monitoring.

• They Familiarize with the Platform

Before developing a mobile app, the developer should take time to read user guidelines for different platforms. Doing so equips them with enough information to help come up with better user interface. They also know what to look for in a third party module. Most importantly, developers should be neutral when it comes to developing apps for different platforms. They should not let personal preference influence the design, functionality, and quality of cross-platform apps. Instead of criticizing platforms, designers should learn to compare them and come up with the best app for their target platform.

• Test the App from a User’s Point of View

Before releasing the app to its users, mobile app developers should test the app to see how it is functioning. At this point, they should compare the app with others similar to it in the platform. They should ask relevant and then answer them honestly. For example, do they use the app? Is it easy to use? Does it meet their standards as the users? Answers to these questions will help determine whether the targeted users will like the app or not.

• Monitoring the App

There are high chances that app users will delete the app from their phones if they have a terrible user experience. Remember, Users expect enhanced performance in addition to at all performance a sleek design and a great user interface. Developers can avoid this by testing the app’s performance at all levels and then examining all possible variables. Doing so helps them prevent issues before they happen.

• Call-to-Action Buttons

When creating the call-to-action buttons, developers should ensure they pick the right color, size, and location. They should ensure that the CTA buttons are easily accessible by removing any elements that might complicate the user experience.

• Cursors

Unlike laptops and computers that have cursors, smartphones are hard to manipulate using pointing devices. While creating mobile apps, developers should avoid including such functionalities that are only going to make the user feel frustrated.