Traditional to Responsive: What has Changed in Web Design and Development?

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Responsive web design is popular for its user-centric features.

Responsive web design is popular for its user-centric features.

Today, the distinction between the digital and the real world has almost collapsed as more and more human social interactions and business transactions are being conducted online. As such, websites these days are no longer just a company’s public interface but also its very image, existence, and competitive edge. Therefore, many companies are partnering with independent website design agencies to help build effective websites for business.

Traditional Design Services

Traditional Design Services

Agencies offering website development services have spawned across the globe thanks to the rising demand for dedicated technical management of websites and other digital public interface utilities.

Traditionally, many of these offer standard services and procedures in building an interactive medium using HTML or JavaScript and create websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and infrastructurally efficient. These traditional services involve analyzing client’s needs, nature of business, company values, mission and vision, and branding image. The ultimate goal was not only to make websites highly interactive and user-friendly but also represents the business effectively online.

Traditional website development emphasized three basic considerations in visual, content, and site architecture. Aesthetically, web development companies avoid confusing layouts, small font sizes, boring colors, irritating pop-ups, distracting advertisements, or unnecessarily large-sized visuals that may slow loading time. In terms of content, greater emphasis is placed on quality content that are concise, readable, and understandable. In addition, designers also pay attention to the site architecture to ensure readers will find it easy to navigate throughout the website and get what they need. Poor site architecture may end up increasing your site’s bounce rates due to a disorganized hierarchy of content pages.


Towards more Responsive and Versatile Websites

Towards more Responsive and Versatile Websites

The landscape of digital interface has, however, changed. Two out of three website visitors now use mobile and tablet devices, not laptops or desktop PCs, to access the internet. Every year, there is a 10% decrease in desktop use and increases of up to 54.8% of online traffic from phones and other mobile gadgets. This means websites, many of which were traditionally designed for PC access, must now be capable of offering the same quality and utility even in mobile gadgets. Versatility has now become the new edge and responsiveness, the new norm.

In a nutshell, a responsive website provides a pleasant user experience regardless of what type of device is used. In other words, these websites must be user-friendly whether accessed from computers, cellular phones or tablets. Today, a typical website development company specializing in responsive websites offers more than just traditional aesthetic and technical amenities and had begun shifting to a user-centric yet dynamic approach. It follows the same principles of basic website designing but builds websites that are optimized for any screen size. .

This current trend of mobile-optimized websites considers scrolling functions and image rollovers designed for smaller screens and click functionalities for touchscreens rather than mouse pointers. It, therefore, aims for better visual placement, enhanced navigation, architectural versatility and accommodates as much feedback from target users to assure optimum client satisfaction and utilization.


Finding Competent Website Development CompaniesFinding Competent Website Development Companies

Singapore, one of the technological development centers in the world, is where you can find some of the best agencies to assist you with your design and development concerns.

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