Public Satisfaction: Transportation

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March 20, 2019
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March 25, 2019

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Singapore’s transportation system is reportedly lagging behind London and Mumbai in terms of public transportation satisfaction. Singapore scored the Index score of 4.21, which means that the Singaporeans are generally displeased with the public transportation system. These reports were conducted by AECOM, a global infrastructure company, with the help of 1000 Singaporeans. In the report, it was revealed that 58% of the respondents found it increasingly stressful to travel with public transportation. Another problem was that 59% were not willing to pay a higher fare for the transportation.

This influx of the dissatisfied crowd resulted from the increase of the people using the public transportation. Status quo, 84% of Singaporeans use public transportation and 55% of that crowd use the subway. This results in the higher fare and delay within the transportation. Consequently, 22% of the people find the transportation to be unaffordable while 20% found the transportation to be unreliable and poor. Not everybody is dissatisfied with the public transportation because 18% are still willing to pay higher fare while 22% are even willing to pay high taxes for the infrastructure fund. This is a clear sign that people are willing to accept any sort of improvement and accommodation.

While a considerable part of the population is dissatisfied with the current transportation system, people are also willing to help out for the change. It is natural for problems to rise when more and more people use the same methods of transportation. Since the majority of Singaporeans use the public system, it is indeed an improvement that the government should look into.