How to design better products

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May 17, 2019
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October 2, 2019

With the market starting to become increasingly oversaturated, design meetings have started to become longer, more intense with more “ design “ strategies. But to the consumer, is the design process really that important? It is not something that we put on display for our end consumers. Here’s how to make the design process go smoother and design better products for our consumers and not just for us.
1. Think ideas thoroughly
When discussing your ideas, make sure they are well thought with a structure. Nobody wants to hear an idea that may or may not be feasible with no proper planning. When listening to others pitch their idea, keep an open mind and identify the food and bad points of it. Do not immediately reject one’s idea as you may be biased and not look at the bigger picture.
2. Have a smaller team
It always seems like, bigger the better however when designing products and brainstorming ideas, this is not the case. Instead, too many soups spoil the broth and likewise, reduce your huge team of 10 people to 3. The fewer people contributing, the more the people involved must contribute and use their brains to rack up a developed idea. It reduces miscommunication and improves the coordination of everyone to work together.
3. Don’t make every feature compulsory to your users
If you’re doing an update to a previous product, don’t make it compulsory. Let your users if they want to switch over to the new version you put. This way, they don’t feel pressured or forced to try the new feature and look at it with a more positive outlook instead of feeling irritated that they must get used to another new interface.
4. Don’t wonder if your product will do well
While planning and gauging if the product will do well or it’ll fail, you’re wasting the time that consumers could be using it and providing actual feedback that can be beneficial to improving your product. When you have launched your product, maximize your resources into identifying your user’s pain points with the product and use it to improve your product for the next version.