Android: A Friendly Operating System

Android and iOS: Battle of Dominance and Popularity
November 2, 2019
Outstanding Advantages of Mobile Application
November 28, 2019

FILE - In this file photo made Sept. 10, 2009, Sanjay Jha, co-CEO of Motorola and CEO of Motorola Mobile Devices, talks about a new mobile device based on Google's Android operating system in San Francisco. One of the few product categories that kept selling strongly through the recession was "smart" phones in the vein of the iPhone. (AP Photo/Paul Sakuma, File)

Nowadays, Android is the most popular mobile operating system with the average market shares of 50 percent worldwide. The Android operating system has always been a major competitor of the iOS operating system. So anytime, Android can take the position of iOS. Specially, Android not only targets advanced customer segmentation but also focuses on serving the low-end segment. Android is an open- source Linux-based operating system that is designed for mobile devices with touch screens such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, Android has some outstanding features more than iPhone. Let’s discover those functions with us.

First of all, Android’s interface is a strength, it uses touch similar to real-life movements such as swipe, touch, stretch and retract to handle objects on the screen. After booting, Android devices will display the main screen, the starting point with the main information on the device, the interface is similar to the desktop concept on the computer. The home screen interface of Android is highly adjustable, it allows users to freely set the shape and behavior of the device according to their interests. For iPhone, you can immediately see the downloaded application when you open your device. When it comes to Android smartphones, it allows users to go to the home screen and then to the application screen. Therefore, you can move the applications that are used frequently to the home screen. This will help you control your device better.

Besides, Android also has a few other advantages that you can not ignore. For battery, you can easily replace the battery. When you use a smartphone for a long time, its battery will be less durable, especially it can be harmful to you when heated. So the best solution for you to change a new battery and Android smartphones are very easy to disassemble. With Android devices, you can access folders from your device’s memory, edit files, move to other folders while you must use iTunes when you want to do it. Music is an unnecessary part of our life, so most people always save a playlist on their mobile app development, they can listen and relax whenever and wherever. Currently, to sync songs to iPhone, you must use iTunes. But on Android, we can copy music very simply, you only just copy and assign songs directly to the phone. Nowadays, the demand for downloading applications on the phone of users is increasing, so your operating system makes it difficult for users to download applications, they will use a different operating system. iPhone devices do not allow users to install applications directly on the website, users must download applications directly on iPhone devices. As for Android, we can download the application directly at the Google Play Store on the website. In particular, Android has a huge Google Play Store, there are many different apps such as application for viewing news, reading the dictionary, studying, listening to music and playing games. Every operating system has an application that is called a map. But people tend to update the map application of Android because it has full of essential functions for them to search for a destination while the map application of the iPhone is not completed yet.




Actually, Android devices have a special feature that I love so much. This is an alarm setting application, its interesting feature is when setting an alarm, the device will give you a countdown timer. Therefore, you will not be confused between AM or PM time frames. Security is one of the important features when you use a phone device. The creation of many ways to open the device will help users control their devices easily, avoiding the intrusion of others. You can open it by recognizing faces, drawing pictures, typing traditional passwords.


On the other hand, the android app development also has some disadvantages that users need to keep in mind when using it. Due to the nature of open-source, many software is unregulated and poor quality, so Android is vulnerable to malware and viruses. Moreover, too many app stores lead to difficult quality control, lack of really good applications. Because of users’ needs, they usually download many different applications to serve for personal goals like learning, playing, listening to music. This will lead to an overload of the number of applications on their devices. When a new version of the operating system is released, not at all products are updated, even if you want to experience this version, you have to purchase new equipment occasionally.


In general, Samsung is still leading the Android market with many devices and tablets that are designed with many different colors and styles. With open-source, Android has enabled device developers, mobile networks, and developers to customize and distribute Android without being subject to copyright. Moreover, factors that can adjust easily have helped Android rise quickly and strongly. In the future, other operating systems such as iOS and Windows Phone begin to emerge more and more, but Android has never lost its position.