Android App vs iOS App: Which One to Choose for Your Mobile App Development?

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July 21, 2017
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While browsing the internet you have wondered how many android and iOS mobile apps are there in the play store and you saw that Android users have about 3 million apps to choose from and a little about 2 million for iOS users. The realization that with that volume, it’s clear there are literally hundreds of thousands of developers out there. But it seems the market is hardly saturated with mobile apps that could satisfy everyone’s daily needs and could cater into different business needs.

android app vs ios app market share

If I will start a Mobile App, should I Develop an App for iOS or Android first?

Identifying your needs, time and budget helps you in deciding which platform of your preference is suitable for you. When it comes to Android App development and iOS App development, there are few clear differentiations which make for obvious choice.

Understand that while Android App development is easy and with high levels of customization which is due to the availability of a deeper access to their OS, App development in Android takes more than 40% of code lines and is 30% more expensive than iOS of Apple, whereas this is not the case with Apple App development. But, once developed, Android App is easier and quicker to publish in the Play Store. iOS App Developers find it more of a stricter and longer process in iTunes.

Bug fixing and maintenance are also more difficult in Android App OS than to iOS, due to high level of device fragmentations. Consider this statistical chart of android vs apple users in the past 5 years.

 android app vs ios app

Costs Vs rewards

Mobile app development is not your next earn quick scheme, rather Mobile apps are a real investment of timely work and expertise with no guaranteed success. Just because an app is already in the app store and is searchable does not mean it will click asap.

Yet hundreds of apps are still being published in the app store every day waiting to be downloaded. The reason? It is because a business that is searchable in Mobile App Store means a business going the extra mile and doing the extra effort to reach out to their customers the easiest feasible way.


How can my app make money? 

You would like to make a mobile app and your primary goal is to generate revenue with this app, you might want your developer to know your goals first. You could opt for a pay per download revenue model, or if you opt for a free app, be sure your developer knows how to integrate in-app purchases, mobile display ads or paid subscription services etc.


Who will be the owner of the mobile app?

This is a good question, although typically the individual or company paying for a mobile app will own the finished product. To make sure of your rights of property to the app you commissioned, you and the app developer should have a signed written “copyright assignment” or “work made for hire” contract. The document should establish confidentiality and state that you own the app’s design, source code and all of its contents.


How will I be able to test my app?

Generally, the best way to test an app is simply to run it on the smartphone or the iOS it will be used on. That is why early release of Mobile Apps can be made in the Google App Store.


What will make this mobile app a success?

It could be by obtaining higher number of users, followers or an increase in sales. Analytics can be incorporated into the app to help measure its success.

Is the mobile app an app to be use to increase workforce efficiency? Will it increase sales from existing or new customers? Answers to this question will have a big influence on how you like to build the app, including its features and functions and what platforms it will be running on.


How does a Mobile App add value to my business?

The fact that it is an app is not really the selling point. The selling point is that how does it make the difference to people’s lives, thus making them download or purchase more of your Mobile App.

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