App Creator and Maker: An Alternative to Mobile App Development

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June 9, 2017
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June 9, 2017

Using App Creator to Build App

Looking at how mobile devices are playing an increasingly large part in our daily lives, having a mobile app will add a competitive edge to your business. Some of the benefits that it brings include increasing your brand visibility, allowing you to directly market to your customers, running a more effective operation, and building customers loyalty.

One way to have a mobile app for your business is to hire a mobile development expert to build it for you. A professional app development company can provide solutions for your business needs, and handle issues from market research to launching the application. However, if you are just starting out and have a  limited budget, using app creator can be a good alternative.

Review of Mobile App Makers

In the modern times, mobile devices have become very popular among many people. More people now access internet and do other online task using their mobile devices. This means that if you have a mobile app, you stand high chances of gaining a competitive edge over others. With the right mobile app, your business gains more visibility, offer easier marketing of products or services to your customers and develop stronger customer loyalty. To get the best mobile app, you need to work with an expert. A professional has the knowledge to develop an app that meets your business needs. However, if you are working on a limited budget, you can make use of an app creator. There are different app creators you can use. Here is a review of some Android app creator reviews.

Good Barber: This is one of the most appealing app creators that you find in the market. It has an elegant user interface and an amazing landing page that offer comprehensive instructions to its users. You also have a lot of options when it comes to themes that have distinct looks. It also has several fonts and icons, so you get to choose the one that you prefer. The other thing is that this app creator usually guides you on how to manage each of its sections from the general to the more specific aspects. In addition, it gives you an opportunity to test and you also have a chance to ask for a link for testing the app before you buy it.


This is an app creator that has gained a lot of popularity because it provides several business categories that you cannot get in other app creators. Some of these categories include wedding planner, online dating, fitness, charity and others. It gives you an opportunity to carry out functions such as social media integration and offer other features that cater for each field. For instance, the app creator give loyalty card and coupon features that are necessary for ecommerce. In addition, it is also possible to personalize the theme by choosing your own background image and selecting how you display the menu. After you have finished doing the editing of the mobile app, you have the option to choose the price plan that fits your specific needs.

The right app creator for you is determined by your own business needs. There are those with more features and others offer options that are highly flexible when it comes to disabling ads or doing the editing after you have launched it.

Customized Android App Development VS Template Based Mobile App

When you want to develop Android app development, it is important that you get one that meets all your specific business needs. This is necessary because your business is unique and so it should be handled as such. You need to get an android app that has several features that allow it to be used perfectly in your business. Customized apps are becoming popular because they help businesses earn extra income as a result of increased sales. The apps are created in away that cater for certain target audience instead of offering solutions that cater for the general audience. Here are the major reasons why you need to have a customized Android App development.

Boost efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of having a customized Android app development is that this is done with your specific business needs in mind. A customized app usually carries out wide range of functions and ensures that you do not need a lot of app in your business. The app is also designed to fit the working style of your business. This means that your employee productivity is enhanced in the process. In the long end you end up getting more return on investment in your business.

Provide high level scalability

One thing you need to note is that the regular app is usually designed in a way that handles only a few processes and resources. If you have such kind of an app, it means that you face a lot of problems and you will be required to develop other app. A customized Android app is designed with your business in mind. All the necessary parameters are considered meaning that it is possible for it to be scaled up when your business grows in the future. A customized app can cater for your increased business needs when it grows without the need for creation of other apps.

Offer more security

In most cases general apps do not have highly specialized security features. This means that when you use them, your data is at a high risk of being compromised. With a custom Android app that is created specifically for your business, you can rest be assured that your data is fully secured because the app has security features that made specifically for your business. During the app development process, the right security measures are taken into consideration, so your business is fully secured.

Easy maintenance

Customized Android app development allows you to have an app that is easy to maintain. You do not have to hire an expert who works outside your business to do the maintenance job for you. It is not possible for your app to be discontinued because it is developed specifically for your business and you do not share it with other businesses in your area. With a customized app, you will enjoy full control and you will not need to depend with other people for all issues regarding your app.

Full integration with your existing software

The generalized apps might work well with your software, but this is not a guarantee. Customized android app is designed taking full consideration of your existing software. This means that you can be assured that its will function and integrate well with your current and future software without a lot of problems.

Enhance relationship with your customers

With a customized android app, you stand high chances of enhancing relationship with your clients. It is possible for you to send more customized updates on the products and services to your customers and prospects at the right time. It is also possible for you to have access to your customer information and get feedback from them. You can leverage this in order to develop long lasting customer relationship and strengthen your customer base.

Facilitate retrieval of your client data

It is possible for you to add surveys and forms in your customized android app. This makes it easy for you to get the required client details anytime that you need them. It is not only a discreet way of getting information, but also saves time of your staff and customers because they do not have to submit their documents physically.

Make it easy to manage projects

A custom app is easy to be installed to monitor the progress you are making in your project. You can use it to help you meet the deadlines and offer high level satisfaction to your customers. It becomes easy for you to send updates after you complete each stage if the project you are undertaking. In addition, you can also be able to maintain the billing cycle for each of the step of your project.

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