App Development and How It Changed How The World Works

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How App Development Changed the Way the World Works

Back in the early 2000s, mobile phones were popular even with only a small variety of built-in apps available such as texting, clock, basic internet browser, and a simple camera interface. But today, there are a myriad of apps that people can choose to download in their smartphones. Thanks to the advancement of technology and businesses choosing to work with a trusted app development agency for their app needs, we have communication, healthcare, banking, and even gaming apps.

In app development, Singapore is one of the most recognised nations for its digital initiatives. The Singapore government developed the LifeSG app, a mobile app that lets citizens connect to the right government services with ease. Other countries, particularly cities, are seeing the benefits of digital tools when connecting with their citizens to the point that similar apps are developed, which shows how app development has truly changed how the world works in recent years.


The Early Years of App Development

In the early years of mobile app development, there were only a few “smart” devices around. When the first iPhone was released, people could only use apps that were developed through iOS application development. Apps that passed the tech giant’s review process and were determined safe to run for the iOS environment were the only ones released. Therefore, the variety of apps that can be downloaded on iOS devices were severely limited.
The Early Years of App Development

Catching up with the iPhone, the release of the first-generation Android phones heralded the beginning of the evolution of app development. The creation of open-source Android apps that can be used on any Android device, regardless of brand, propelled the app industry’s development. This meant more chances for apps created by an Android app developer to be downloaded from the App Store.


The Current State of Mobile App Development

Fast forward to 2021 – we have seen a plethora of apps in use by millions of users around the world, created by various app makers and app development agencies. What were once simple apps used in texting or to tell the time have evolved into multi-functional apps and more. Numerous apps are now catering to the entertainment and communication needs of people along with other needs. Almost everything that one can think of can now be done or offered by some app in the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Most of them can be installed for free or include features that can be acquired through in-app purchases.
The Current State of Mobile App Development


For example, some apps can be used by professionals and amateurs alike. Are you a music producer or aspiring to be one? There is an app where you can record multiple tracks and more. Are you a video editor? You can easily find an app where you can edit your videos quickly and easily, even if you have no experience in filmmaking. It doesn’t matter if you’re a student, a banker, a doctor, a lawyer or something else – there is an app that you’ll surely find useful in your everyday life.

App development also led to using home assistant devices more conveniently. In the years before the digital age, you have to go out of your car and open your garage door manually or use a dedicated remote control. Now, you can just download a secure app and easily perform the task using your phone. “Smart locks” also function in the same way. There are home security apps that can lock and unlock your home’s doors remotely and some can even turn on and off room lights. There are even apps that can connect to smoke detectors, doorbell cameras, smart thermostats, security cameras, and sensors for doors and windows. And you only need one app to control all of them.

Other important activities such as banking can also be accomplished using apps today. To pay bills, you don’t need to go to the bank or a payment centre anymore. Now you can just pay your utilities, internet, and other bills wherever you are and whenever you want using your bank’s app. If you want to schedule a doctor’s appointment, you can also do that with an app.

Apps for entertainment and social purposes are also very popular these days. Their popularity sharply rose during the COVID-19 pandemic, when cities worldwide were placed on lockdowns. Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok are some of the most popular apps used today by people of all ages. Although used mainly for entertainment purposes, many people also use it to communicate with their loved ones and friends. Some even use it for business purposes. Unlike before where you need to spend money to make and take international calls, these apps made it easier to reach people from different sides of the world through their built-in call functions.



App development changed and improved by leaps through the years. Most of these changes were for a better and easier life for people. That is why businesses choose to work with top app developers such as Frontline Mobile Pte. Ltd. to help them improve their customers’ lives, and consequently, improve their business performance too. As Singapore’s pioneer mobile app development agency, we are always ready to take on projects for our clients. From web to mobile app development, you can count on us at Frontline to successfully deliver the digital products you want. Contact us today by sending us a message here: