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May 28, 2018
Mobile App Development China
Mobile App Development China
November 16, 2018

Frontline as a Mobile App development company in Singapore that develops mobile applications for iOS, Android, Web and E-commerce platforms. These platforms covers all the major ways that applications can be developed and in the modern economy it is impossible to operate without having a presence in the mobile market. The mobile market offers various advantages over traditional platforms such as GPS capacity, direct user access and easy navigation using touchscreen technology.

Some of the few advantages that Frontline has is that we have more than 15 years of experience in the IT field. This is not just in the mobile market, but also in the information technology field in general, which is an advantage. We have also been a pioneer in developing mobile applications as well, which is a specialization. User Experience is also one of our strengths which means that we have an added layer of capacity in the development of mobile applications. Furthermore, there is also a support network grounded locally, which makes us deliver our services to you in a much better way.

Our clients have included government entities such as the Ministry of Education and the Inland Revenue Service of Singapore, universities such as the Nanyang Technological University and companies such as Samsung and HP. This means that Frontline has been able to work with various types of clients and have been able to deliver these products to satisfy their needs. We have been able to adapt and change our approach to make sure that we successfully address the various needs that arise from these different parties.

Some of our products include E-Learning applications, Big Data analysis applications, E-Commerce applications, News magazines, Smart home applications and messaging applications. This reflects the fact that Frontline has been able to address various types of mobile applications which require very different fundamentals. For example, the smart home applications can use technologies such as Bluetooth, E-commerce platforms use payment technologies and big data analysis generally requires cloud technology.

Frontline is unique as we are user centered. We want to focus on the customer and develop products that our customer would love and our specialization with user experiences helps us in this regard. We generally use a module system to develop our applications which allows us to develop efficiently. We are also able to take advantage of the new technologies such as big data. As mentioned before, our experience with industry has also been able to work across industries to test our products. All of these factors make Frontline the best mobile app development company.