Four Major Factors of Mobile App Development Interaction Design

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March 20, 2018
App Development Needs to Pay Attention to These Details
App Development Needs to Pay Attention to These Details
May 14, 2018

The key point of  creating wonderful user experience is interaction design in app development . Users are the direct beneficiaries of interaction design. How mobile apps can be interactively designed can make users comfortable. There are four fators that need to be grasped.

The mobile app development interactive design is a top priority in the development process. Once a problem occurs in this link, the user’s experience will become uncomfortable. How to carry out interactive design, many people can not find the flaws, in fact, as long as the four fators are grasped, everything will become relatively simple.

1. Breaking the form of bondage: The mass demand can easily make app developers lose themselves in the pre-established formalism. They think that interaction design is basically the same and there is no form that can be broken through. Perhaps the content that the product can provide is similar, but the user itself is flexible, and the way to meet the user’s goal is also diverse. Interaction design must break the form constraints, escape the original scope, and change the user’s environment.

2. Follow the basic principles of the platform specification: Following the basic principles of the platform specification is not meant to be limited to the examples in the design specification. The platform specification is in line with the user’s habits, allowing them to experience the specification of accessibility. As long as the design meets the user’s cognitive model and operating habits is in line with the platform specification.

3. Consider the interaction scheme from the time dimension: Interaction is a process, and user experience reflection is also a process. Interaction design can be considered from the dimension of time to measure the design scheme. The design plan has a huge impact on the product and the user.

4. Use interactive design goals to verify the design: Interaction design in the product development process is mainly to make the product easy to use, efficient and emotional, when doing interactive design, can not be different for the difference.