How to Create an App Without Programming

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App-
Top Reasons a Company Requires a Mobile App
May 22, 2017

Having a mobile app for your business means that it will be more accessible for your customers. But what if you are just starting up, have no programming knowledge, and little budget to hire mobile app developer? Here is the good news: you can create a mobile app without programming.

Mobile App Research

Now, before getting to the more technical part, there are some issues that need to be considered. The first one is research. It is a good idea to look at the existing apps related to your business. Take note of what works and what doesn’t, and the purpose of your mobile app itself. Is it going to be used as an extension of your service? Are users going to make online purchase or subscription?

Once you determine the functions that your mobile app needs to have, the next step will be to create a ‘wireframe’, which is a simple sketch of the app design. This wireframe will help you to get a sense of the layout and elements’ arrangement of the mobile app. Having these in mind, you are all set to create your own mobile app.

Create App Without Programming

To create mobile app without programming, there are some alternatives that could be taken. One of the most popular option is to use DIY app development software. Instead of having to code manually, visual programming is used in app-builder whereby you can simply drag and drop to add page elements. Some of them even provide interactive and animated prototype. A typical app-builder usually allows you to create mobile app in simple steps by first choosing a category of your business (for example: fashion, restaurant, cab) and then selecting a theme for your mobile app.

create a mobile app

Then, you can start to build your mobile app by choosing the pages that should be included. Examples of common pages are about, contact, and info section, as well as some visuals.

By using a DIY app-builder, you can also customize your mobile app extensively. You can choose your own background picture, font types and sizes, navigation layout, as well as the colour scheme for your mobile app. Preview is also available so you can get a picture of how your mobile app will look and feel.

mobile app without programming

When your app is ready, you can publish it on various application store by signing up on the DIY app-builder. There are many kinds of that website on the internet, and pricing plan may vary. Typically, the pricing will depend on several factors such as the range of platforms supported (Android, IOS, Windows), whether ads will appear on the mobile app, and the ability to edit the app in the future. The prices are generally much lower compared to hiring an app developer. Therefore, it can be a good solution when you are just starting out and need a mobile app to run basic functionalities.



author:  hjkl