Tips for Designing a Great iOS Mobile App

Understanding Mobile App Development Process
June 13, 2017
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June 15, 2017

The Apple App Store is ruling the app download sales – as a secured mobile app platform, it is making the majority of total revenue and has a huge and robust customer base. Therefore, developing an iOS app is a necessity for startups, small, medium enterprises and reputed brands.

iOS mobile app development has been the benchmark of delivering and engaging powerful user experiences with UI design. Being a pioneer in mobile app development, Apple also understands the importance that the smartphones hold in the current generation. Therefore, providing the customers with the best possible iOS app becomes an utmost necessity.

Mobile app developers should also go through the App Store before beginning their designing work as Apple states the guideline quite clearly there. Using those guidelines along with these tips will surely help you design a successful iOS mobile app.

Mobile App Development Plan

Before getting started on the mobile app development process, make sure that you consider the basic frameworks before including other functional blocks. You can do this by sketching a comprehensive flow chart of the mobile app and then link all the bits together. Also, ask feedback from people who are not connected with your project to know their unbiased reviews. This will help you know how the design is going to appeal to your targeted audience in the real world.


Your navigation provides an information about your mobile app. So, design the navigation bar by keeping the left side for the profile, menu buttons and Back option and the right portion for actions like add, edit or completing the work. Also, customize the background according to the status bar so that it falls perfectly in sync and doesn’t get mixed with each other.

iOS App Resolution

Make sure that you understand that the iPhone includes of four main resolutions; thus, the app layout should be designed according to that only. The mobile app design layout should depend on the resolution of the mobile phone and not on the dimensions. For instance, the navigation bar varies in width but stays constant with the length. The elements within it should vary along with the variation of the bar.

Fonts and Buttons

The standard size for the buttons in an iOS mobile app is 12pt for small text, 17 for the body or main text and 20pt+ for the tiles. When working with the iOS mobile app, use the “San Francisco” font for better readability. This default font in usage is created by the in-house Apple team and thus is very compact on display.

Spaces or Touch Controls

The minimum margin that is preferred here is 8pt, as this provides enough space to make the mobile app design look clean and easier to scan and read. Additionally, the UI elements must be aligned correctly and should have similar baseline position.

The touch controls should be simple and accurate as they are embedded to make the app interaction process more natural.

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