Top 7 Popular Trends of Android App Development in 2018

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March 12, 2018
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In 2017, Android’s market share reached a new high. Two technology events as the International Consumer Electronics Show and the World Mobile Communications Conference will hold immediately. Android is taking the lead and the performance for the next year is expected. On December 20th, authority media compiled and reported on the 7-major android development trends of Android app development in 2018 as follows.


Virtual Reality (VR) and 4K

Currently, only the Sony Xperia Z5 Premium is equipped with a 4K screen, but with the popularity of virtual reality and the development of technology, 4K resolution display will gradually become mainstream. At the same time, company will also add 2K and 4K adjustment options. Users can choose high resolution only when using virtual reality to avoid unnecessary power consumption.


Android Desktop

The Android and Google Chrome OS hybrid systems will gradually become mainstream. However, it needs to solve the problem of slow system updates first.


Android Wear 2.0

Google’s new smart platform-Android Wear for smart watches have many competitors, Samsung Gear S3, Apple Watch Apple, Huawei are strong opponents. Currently, Google is actively developing Android Wear 2.0.


Huawei and Samsung

In recent years, Huawei has gradually defeated mobile phone brands such as HTC and LG in the European market and performed well. It is expected that confrontation with Samsung will be difficult to avoid in 2018. However, in the U.S. market, due to the lack of support from the operator network, Huawei may not be able to win.


Borderless large screen

In 2017, both Apple and Samsung developed a borderless large-screen mobile phone. The iphone X is widely praised by users. Therefore, in 2018, regardless of the mobile phone operating system, the borderless large-screen appearance will become mainstream.


Google focuses on developing hardware

Google’s launch of Google Pixel2 in 2017 is well received and it is expected that the next year will continue to focus on hardware development and continue to expand the Daydream, Google Home product line.


Artificial Intelligence Assistant

In 2017, multiple brands have introduced artificial intelligence voice assistant devices, such as Google Assistant AI, Amazon Alexa. According to analysis, Android vendors such as HTC, Sony, and most other businesses will continue to cooperate with Google next year, while LG and Samsung will develop their own artificial intelligence assistants to compete.