User Experience For Mobile App Development

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January 4, 2019
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User Experience For Mobile App Development

UX defines the experience that individual users have had when interacting with a particular mobile app. This provides a good insight to app developers concerning the areas that need improvement while at the same time helps define the things that the market is actually looking for. For this reason, user experience is supposed to be honest and unbiased.

Tips in mobile app development for achieving positive user experience

  1. App usability testing

As a mobile app developer, usability testing requires to make sure that your app will not crash as users go for apps they can rely upon. This means that the concern of re-launching an app because it has crashed should be minimal or none at all as this spells stability.

  1. Fast app UIs

This is imperative because users are often very impatient when it comes to slow running mobile apps. They expect that apps will respond to command in less than a second and you will find that typical users will go straight to uninstall an app if they think it is sluggish. The loyal users on the other hand may be bold enough to tell you their concerns. If the app is fast however, prospective users will not hesitate.

  1. Simple user interface

This means that the app has to be able to by-pass unnecessary steps when commands are prompted. You have to ensure that the app is not complicated enough to bore the user. This can be done by ensuring that features in the mobile app are not only simple but straight forward also. The problem often comes when the UI has been complicated and in this case, competitors will use this to gain a advantage over your app that users will most certainly go for.

  1. Integration with other apps

App integration is important if you want to involve your users. For this reason, the transition from one app to your app has to be swift and effortless. The app also has to be able to work with other mobile apps so that it will provide a desirable association in activities such as sharing content from your app through mobile apps like Whatsapp.

  1. Protects battery life

Your app also needs to be a battery conserver as most users will shun away from apps that drain battery life too fast, so much so that it becomes an inconvenience for a particular user to use your app. You need to understand that your app is not any good on a battery dead phone, so this should be your priority.


Mobile apps that have less desirable features and therefore attract a bad user experience are usually less successful compared to the ones that have good features. When developing your app idea, make sure to consider the ultimate UX Singapore.