Vietnam: An Interesting IT Outsourcing Market

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Rich in talent and opportunities, Vietnam is a new gold mine for hiring IT experts.

Rich in talent and opportunities, Vietnam is a new gold mine for hiring IT experts.

A long time ago, technology and IT outsourcing were new to everyone and most people think that it is a difficult job. After that, modern equipment was improved and became more friendly with users. That means most countries in the world are trying to research and start getting used to technology jobs, an example is the IT outsourcing position. Therefore, to keep up with the development of the neighboring countries, Vietnam should immediately study and develop this new field. After several years of development, Vietnam is known as a paradise small but mighty outsourcing in Asia-Pacific. It is a country with a spirit of technology and talented people.

So, how about the appearance of IT outsourcing in Vietnam? I think that it is useful information for developers who want to learn it more.


History of IT outsourcing in Vietnam

The IT outsourcing job is still a strange field with everyone. A long time ago, some developers from International businesses came to Vietnam and researched our market. They have started concerning about high workforce in Vietnam because Vietnamese labor is very hard and abundant labor resources. Besides those investors and our government focus on developing a new project to attract customer’s attention, they also invested efforts in education and skills training for employees.

From that, technology jobs start to improve gradually every year. On the ranking of the IT outsourcing industry, Vietnam is recognized as having a great development and becoming a competitor to neighboring countries. Besides, other businesses are continuing in investing in Vietnam such as Intel, IBM, Samsung Display, Nokia, and Microsoft.

Interesting things in Vietnam

The rapid change has helped Vietnam’s economy transition from an agricultural base to a market-oriented and improved modern industry towards business. Vietnam joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2007 and has worked to make it easier for Western companies to establish foundations in Vietnam. Moreover, the education system in Vietnam is expanded and developed more and more, English will become the second language at school and it is not only a basic subject. Because if you want to work about IT outsourcing, you must be good at English. Most technology companies are International companies and they need to recruit staff who can communicate and understand this language.

One of the factors that foreign investors love in Vietnam is human loyalty, it will greatly affect the work and working process of a business. Typically, the personality of the staff will determine the success of a business. That is the reason why most famous companies tend to move to Vietnam to establish and expand more brands.


Human Resources

 Vietnam is trying to develop labor force skilled to compete with neighboring countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines. Every year, the government usually awards scholarships for excellent technology students to make a good condition for them to participate in international training courses, this will help students improve skills and abilities to contribute to expanding the IT outsourcing market in Vietnam.

The diversity of the world in the technology sector in Vietnam is also very impressive. The proportion of women involved in the software industry in Vietnam is extremely impressive, rising each year. That is attracting businesses to invest more and more outsourcing.

Challenges and opportunities

For most businesses, the challenge to invest in the IT outsourcing market in Vietnam is the geographical gap. Therefore, the training of a team of outsourcing with the same model and establish common processes for collaboration between the two parties will bring benefits for business efficiency. The difference in language also affects  the connection of all employees, so directors need to choose suitable staff with an extensive background of both skill and ability to communicate.

Besides, the difference in time zones has brought advantages in terms of productivity for businesses in Vietnam. The division of specific tasks for each group also contributes to a stable and productive work process for each project.

In the future, the development of the IT outsourcing market in Vietnam will continue improving. Not only focusing on skills but also concerning human resources. Knowing how to combine effectively will bring success for your business.