Why Get into Mobile App Development?

What is Mobile App development?
May 9, 2019
How to Design a Good App Icon?
May 13, 2019

Mobile App development is creating an application that can work on any mobile device. It is a part of software development that is constantly changing. Due to the ease of being able to produce an app with just a 1 man team doing the developing, it presents a huge playing field for any programmer to try and develop a mobile app.

There is a low barrier to enter the market due to the accessibility of building a mobile app. This is due to the intricacy of building a web application is more complicated than a mobile application. Mobile apps are small and usually serve one purpose, it is usually feasibly done by 1 developer. That being said, 1 developer is able to build a web application as well however, it would take a lot more effort.

Developing a mobile application would be a baby step into software development and even just doing one would be good for any developer’s portfolio. The process of doing so is quick and is able to show the usability of the app. With the developing industry in mobile applications, this can present a good opportunity to grow and be able to benefit from it in the future.

So, where to start on developing a mobile application? One must understand the type of mobile development platforms there are. The two most well-known platforms would be Android and IOS. These two platforms result in the choice of choosing to build a mobile application as a native or hybrid application.

Native means just building it on its own platform. Apple has its own coding language while Android is a combination of many languages. Native runs much faster and looks better on its own display, such as IOS running well on Apple, however, the entire code must be rewritten which is tedious for maintenance.

After deciding to create a native or hybrid application, next would be to choose a cross-platform framework approach. The following things to take note would be the coding language you would like to use, how many platforms you would want your application to be available on, a native or hybrid app and whether your code is able to be reused among the chosen platforms. This few guidelines will direct you to your end goal.