10 Great Geolocation Mobile App Development Ideas

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July 4, 2017
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Science is always geared toward make your work easier. Technology overruns the gone and aged systems. Geolocation is an application developed to ensure that you detect a user’s current location. This technology is applicable to both mobile phones and computers. With modern technology, most mobile applications use geological technology. These applications don’t necessarily need GPS maps apps but geolocation. Cab app services are among those working through geolocation technology. For instance, by using Uber App, you are definitely managing to reach that taxi via Geolocation technology. Unlike the gone days, today you get customized weather forecast updates stating the condition of your location; this is made possible through geolocation.

With the current mobile advancement, more apps can be made to use Geolocation and enhance their outcome; here are some of the mobile apps development ideas that can comfortably run on geolocation technology:

recommendation app


Social App

Users will get an opportunity to communicate as well as share content like photos through apps such as Periscope, Whatsapp and Instagram. This is a multifunctional kind of app.
Recommendation App
Travellers and tourists want that excellent place to spend some time. Most people seek for most recommended places through the internet. Apps like TripAdvisor and Foursquare greatly fit into Geolocation. This will enhance easy and quick usage and you will have all required recommendation information.



Health and fitness application


Health and Fitness App

Every time your tune on your television set, there is always a health and fitness conversation. On internet, health and fitness are among most searched for topics. People are advised to do more exercises like running and walking. Geolocation can help in track your running and other exercising activities and their progress on every day basis.


Dating app


Lifestyle App

With technology, the world has become a village held in your palm. By indicating your hobbies and interests, geolocation makes it possible for you to reach out to people located anywhere in the world. This is a fast and energy friendly way of making friends.


Lifestyle app


Dating App

For serious dating, you will need someone whom you can literally meet. Dating sites like Badoo and Tinder always lets you know potential dating partners who live nearest to you. This is made possible through Geolocation.


travel app


Travel App

Travelling entails a number of prior arrangements; you must decide on your destination, arrange on accommodation, and book tickets. Through Geolocation, you are able to make all the necessary arrangements and travel with a relaxed head.


Gaming app


Weather Forecast App

Today almost all smartphones and high tech gadgets have the potential to guide on weather. People like farmers are opting to read more about the weather conditions of their locations from smartphones. Sometimes you need to know the kind of clothing to wear for the day’s weather. All you need is to read the forecasted condition from your phone.


Weather forecast app


Gaming App

It is very interesting to play an online game. Geolocation makes it possible for you to play against someone thousands of miles away.


Service app


Service App

You don’t have to go by the roadside to wait for a taxi; you only need to call it to you location. It is their duty to trace your location and send the closest cab to pick you. This is all possible because of Geolocation.


Event app


Event App

In case you are planning on an event; you will locate an event organizer through your phone. You can also reach out for your prospected attendants through geolocation. You do all that through your phone.

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