5 Ways to Protect Your eCommerce Web App Security

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E-commerce Web App Security Building and developing an e-commerce web app is certainly not an easy task. Keeping your security levels at moderate is absolutely not an option when the matter of people’s private data is at your hands. One needs to double check all the security measures and make sure that no loopholes are left open for anyone to take advantage of. Nowadays, we can see so many cases of website hackings, data stealing (credit card info, etc.) and vandalizing websites. Being a website owner, you need to be very aware of such threats and must take all measures to protect yourself.

To protect your E-commerce web app and to develop a good security system, you can follow these simple tips: Always Keep Software Updated Make sure that you use a platform that gets regular security updates. If you are using an open source platform such as WordPress, Opencart or Magento, be sure to check for updates and see that the security is high-level so that your data is protected. Avoid Keeping Highly Sensitive Data Keeping too much sensitive date of your customers such as credit card numbers, CVV2 codes, expiration dates, etc. is not a good idea.

As a matter of fact, if it prohibited by the PCI Standards to keep such data stored. It is recommended that you clean out such data if you have them on your website and only keep enough information for charge-backs and refunds. You website will not get robbed if it contains nothing to be stolen.



SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption

SSL Encryption Although we just discussed that it is better to not store valuable credit card information, keeping in mind that it is an E-commerce web app, we might have to store it sometimes. But the risk of getting robbed can be reduced with a proper SSL Encryption on your website. It will make the information much more secure and safe from the robbers.


Choose a Secure eCommerce Host

Choose a Safe Host You must be very careful when choosing the domain host of your e-commerce website. Many web hosting companies leave their MySQL open, which makes it possible for the hackers to gain access to the database. So, you must make sure to choose a secure domain partner, such who has a firewall installed that can detect hacking activities and prevent them.


Set up System Alerts for Suspicious Activity

Set up System Alerts To make things more secure, you can set up system alerts for multiple suspicious activities coming in from the same IP address. In the same way, you can set up alerts if multiple purchases are being made from the same account using different credit cards, and so on. So as you can see, there are numerous ways in which a hacker can harm your e-commerce web app development and steal data that is private to your customers.


To make sure that you are safe, you can follow the eCommerce web app development explained tips and if you are handling much more volatile date, you can also seek help of your IT experts in that matter. But, if you keep the basic security tips in action, chances are that your e-commerce web app and your date will be safe.

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