Comprehensive Guide to Outsourcing for Web Application Development Services

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Many companies, especially startups, may not have enough manpower or knowledge to develop their own web app. Here's a comprehensive guide that will show you the best industry practices in outsourcing web app development.

Many companies, especially startups, may not have enough manpower or knowledge to develop their own web app. Here's a comprehensive guide that will show you the best industry practices in outsourcing web app development.

In today’s busy work landscape, business owners in Singapore and all over the world need to work on various tasks at once. Juggling different responsibilities can be tiring and counterproductive, which is why outsourcing some of them could be the best idea.

Plenty of businesses would consider looking for web application development services and hand them over to a reputable IT outsourcing services company to get the best output possible.

Outsourcing can help company heads save plenty of time and resources. But looking for the right web development service provider can be challenging, especially for those who have yet to try digital solutions. Here are the key steps to outsource web development successfully for the benefit of business organizations.


Step #1: Work Out Business Goals Before Outsourcing Web Development


Work Out Business Goals Before Outsourcing Web Development


Business owners must come up with a finalized set of business objectives before searching for a web development consultant. They must also learn more about the goals that they want to achieve to determine which services to invest in.

Coding experts shared that web projects have different implementation strategies, methodologies, and technological stacks. It is the reason why company owners must create several lists to ensure that every project is fulfilled accurately. It includes:

  • A general description of the planned digital web project
  • All the objectives linked to the web project – business goals, technical requirements, and required technology stacks
  • A questionnaire for the pre-screening process intended for website outsourcing teams
  • Budget allocation for the web project

For decision-makers looking for a reliable web development company, Singapore and other tech hubs in Asia, Europe and North America have plenty of high-performing agencies to choose from that can deliver their desired solutions.


Step #2: Look for the Right Service Provider


Look for the Right Service Provider


After conducting an accurate analysis and defining everything that they need from organizational and technical perspectives, the next thing company owners must do is to choose the best outsourcing mobile app development agency that can fulfill their project requirements.

To determine if a potential vendor fits the bill, the owner or management must check if they have the following characteristics:

  • Extensive web development outsourcing experience and portfolio
  • Technical specialization and capabilities
  • Positive feedback and reviews from previous clients

Once the company has filled out its list of website and mobile app developer candidates, it’s time to begin reaching out and learning more about their services. When talking to each vendor, it is necessary to check if they comply with the following standards:

  • Communicates properly and with complete transparency
  • Gives clear and detailed information about development principles
  • Able to fulfill requested deliverables and provide design samples and CVs, among others for client review and trust-building
  • Have a positive reputation through references and recommendations from previous clients

Aside from these factors, it is also important to get as many important details about the service provider as possible. The agency must have a local representative who can spend time answering inquiries promptly.


Step #3: Establish Dynamic Communication Lines While Outsourcing Web Development Tasks


Establish Dynamic Communication Lines While Outsourcing Web Development Tasks


Proper communication is important when outsourcing web development. This factors heavily especially if your chosen agency operates in a different time zone, has potentially conflicting work schedules, and implements different holidays.

Fortunately, the digital era saw the birth of efficient real-time communication tools like Skype, Slack, and WhatsApp. They are in popular use globally, with over 10 million people worldwide logging in to Slack alone daily. These tools assist in enhancing productivity, especially during times of mobility crisis like when plenty of companies outsourced their IT responsibilities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Aside from messaging apps, you may also ask your outsourced team to use other tools to help you manage all the accomplished tasks. Some of the most common tools for various business purposes include:

JIRA – managing project tasks
InVision – validating web designs
Harvest – tracking and monitoring outsourced staff working hours and billing
Dropbox – web-based storage for quick sharing of large files

In addition, consistent communication with the outsourced team will help maintain your working relationship. You will be able to relay your messages instantly if you want to improve something in your web app’s design.

Ideally, daily meetings during the initial stage of the project can jumpstart projects towards the right direction. As the project progresses, you may ask the outsourced team to meet with you at set intervals for updates. You may also ask for a retrospective meeting at the end of the project to discuss possible improvements or continued business.



Looking for a reliable and trustworthy web and mobile app developer in Singapore to outsource your app development tasks does not have to be an overwhelming job. You only need to follow these three simple steps to sign up with the best agency to delegate this crucial responsibility.

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