Android and iOS: What’s more useful and user-friendly?

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October 2, 2019
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October 21, 2019


The development of smartphones has gradually created a major technological revolution. People continued to love using mobile phones and tablets to surf the internet, play games or do any other activities for leisure and work, which resulted to creation of mobile operating systems, namely, Android and iOS. The two big names carried on occupying the entire software market for phones and tablets. Find out the differences between Android and iOS systems.

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Mobile use is expected to retain its popularity and wide use  in the next few years. In relation to that, mobile applications have supported people’s lives in many different fields. From that, people can do almost everything with just the tip of the their fingers, and be update-to-date with technology trends as quick as possible. Therefore, businesses must improve their services day by day. They need to pay attention to create the best products which are suitable for users, especially because it makes a great source of revenue for the company. Knowing the demand of customers, mobile developers always try to focus on changing Android and iOS software systems. Most technology companies have researched on these two operating systems for they want to give users the best experiences. Android and iOS systems indeed have many exciting things that developers should discover to know specific techniques.

Firstly, Android is a system that was developed by Google. It is an open-source model with basic interfaces and features that are suitable for the needs of the users. It has become the most popular software that is used for smart phones worldwide. Similarly, iOS is a smart phone operating system that was developed by Apple. Unlike the android operating system, iOS is specifically designed for Apply devices such as iPhone, iPad, and iPod. They are programmed through Objective-C and use a completely new multi-touch interface, considered to be user-friendly. Android was released by Google under the Apache license. A lot of developers are working on being able to create lots of new versions of Android that are followed by many personal requirements. On the other hand, following the ownership of Apple Technology to its operating system, updates and upgrades will only on compatible Apple devices such as the ones mentioned above. There is no other to enjoy iOS but with Apple devices.

The number of iOS and Android users fluctuated in the recent decade. Android development is likely to increase sales from advertising contracts. If it has many downloads and users, it is expected to be more profitable from the advertising channels. When choosing a platform for an application, in addition to budget and finance, don’t forget to consider technical factors. This will help you understand better which option is cheaper, easier and faster.

When it comes to the complexity of application programming, Android will probably lose its end to iOS, plus, they differ in programming languages. The biggest weakness of Android is fragmentation, while apple has a limited number of devices running on iOS. This likely helps to make the work of iOS developers become easier. The development process is faster because one builds an application for a range of devices, while dozens of different types of smart phones and tablets on Android with different screen sizes come into place as time goes. You can only develop apps that are compatible with Android devices as much as possible.

Next, we come to find out the structure of the iOS and Android operating systems. iOS is designed to be easier with a simple screen. It displays applications right away so one can immediately see the item he/she is looking for, and may use multiple applications at the same time. For Android, after booting, it will display the main screen with the applications. You can imagine that as the desktop screen on the computer. The main screen consists of many different pages that you can swipe on to see. As for the security level, iOS possesses a feature that prevents others from accessing a user’s personal information by setting up a password to help ensure security. It also has application access requests for approval before actually downloading the app. Although there are many antivirus software for Android, there is still limited access, meaning, one cannot be deeply scanned into the system to find threats.

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In general, the competition between iOS and Android gets tougher as time goes. The important thing is when choosing a phone, you need to understand your own needs. You may try to use many types of mobile phones with different operating systems that might solve those needs. At the end of the day, what answers the needs of the users in a convenient way, wins.