Accessing Customers through Mobile Apps

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October 13, 2019
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November 2, 2019

In the recent years, technology has evolved, which led to smartphones becoming the key to convenience for work and leisure. As a result, businesses have expanded to reach customers through mobile applications. It is the most convenient way for them to reach out to their customers.

Let’s imagine. When one wants to search for some important information, he/she needs to have a computer or a laptop. There, one accesses the internet in order to look for it. That case scenario might be more time consuming for one must read through many different websites in order to fulfill his needs. The mobile phone  then comes into use, for the sake of convenience and saving time. Today, mobile phone manufacturers always try to research modern technologies and update the latest trend around the world. They also find out the demand of customers, conduct market surveys, in order to know customer experiences to be able to create and improve smartphone applications. When you have a phone, accessing the website in real time becomes less of a problem, because you only need to download and open those apps directly to do your task. You can choose any applications that you like very easily, whether for work or entertainment, even in shopping for goods in your home, you can make deliveries within that specific day. Moreover, you always bring a mobile phone everywhere and surf the website easily. This has created a trend to reach customers in real time. With that, mobile app has become the goal businesses eye for, for their digital improvement.

If a business has a mobile application, it will always be available on customers’ phones, especially if they target cross platforms, regardless of channels used. Even if they have not accessed or used those services, the brand image of that business is partly present on their phones itself, and could be opened on the most random time. While many companies have to spend a lot of marketing costs to bring their brand to the customer, through mobile applications things would be easier and cost-efficient because you have already reached out to consumers just by one click. That would mean you have already defeated some competitors who have not yet turned to apps for that purpose.

Nowadays, you can use the mobile app to accumulate points for your customers instead of retaining them with loyalty cards. Therefore, users will have more opportunities to be updated on promotional information quickly. Consequently, your brand will be famous in the market because of the mobile applications’ ability to advertise. As smartphone applications are developing around the world, most people have gradually ignored the habit of accessing advertising information on websites, emails, banners, and other social media. Furthermore, if you are in a service business, like a beauty salon, gym or English center, you need to have a mobile application as a standard of communication for all parties involved in your business, may they be customers, partners, employees, etc… It will allow customers to book or register for classes via mobile phone or tablet. After that, you can use the messaging feature to confirm the class schedule and send reminders.

Today, customer management becomes more difficult for businesses, especially those with large stores. Because of that, everything has to be systematized through digitization. On this system, you will be set up with access permission to private roles such as cashier, salesman, and store manager. This access process will update the entire employee working process instantly, provide information about what the employee is doing, create the order and record the online orders. Instead of staying at the store or monitoring remote cameras, if the shop owner uses the sales software on the phone, they will easily manage the shift, the actual revenue of each employee and the access history. With that, the shop owner can evaluate the work capacity and have appropriate rewards and policies according to the professional persona of each employee.

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In general, an app is created with two goals in mind: to attract as many customers as possible, and commit to provide the highest quality in the target market. Don’t forget as well that consumers are using different platforms, not only iOS and Android. In line with that, you need to create cross-platform applications. Smartphone applications are the closest way to connect with your customers. Seize the chance of connecting with them through online platforms.