Best Mobile App Design Tips for your Future Mobile App Development Project

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July 11, 2017
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Designing an app can be an overwhelming process, so it’s natural to seek out some mobile app design tips. Android mobile app development can be extremely beneficial for your business. It can help your branding, improve customer service, and act as a marketing tool. With all the benefits an app can bring you, you want to ensure that you’ve designed the best app possible to represent your company.

Keep these mobile app design tips in mind as you start the mobile app development process:

Website Design is Different from Mobile App Design

Designing a website isn’t the same as designing an app. Navigation of an app is totally different from a website, as is the data capabilities. So, when you’re designing your app, remember to separate that design from your web design. Your customers won’t be accessing the app from a computer, so take that into consideration when designing a mobile app. Often, they’ll only be using one hand to navigate through the app, so the design should reflect that. Screen space will be restricted; therefore, content will need to be more compact.

Design & Colors

As far as mobile app design tips go, this may seem obvious, but it bears saying. If your app is going to include call-to-action buttons, then think about the coloring and placement. Color hierarchy is important and can help denote what is most important on a page; this principle works the same in a mobile app. As far as appearance goes, you also want to ensure that your app doesn’t look outdated. Just like with websites, apps that look too old won’t seem legitimate or trustworthy. You’re investing a lot of time and money into developing an app; you want to create one that looks good for the user.

drain battery

Don’t Drain your Users’ Phone

Although smartphones can do a lot, they are still restricted in many ways. Work to build an app that doesn’t actively drain a user’s battery life, or they’ll quickly grow annoyed. A mobile app that minimizes the strain on a user’s phone is your best bet for a successful launch. In the same manner, think about the amount of data your app will take up. I’m sure we’ve all had the pop-up telling us that our storage is full and we need to start deleting some apps. If your app takes up a lot of data and storage space, it could be the first to go. Ensure that your app performs all the functions it must, but don’t go overboard and risk deletion.

Beta Test Your Mobile App

One of the most important app design tips: the prototype. Create fully interactive prototypes to test your app before launching. This will help your development team better understand the app and work out any issues it may have before it’s available to the public. On the same note, bring in users to find out their opinions. This could be done at several stages in the development process. At the beginning, talk to real-life users to see what features do and do not matter to them. By doing this at the beginning of the process, you can save time and resources by figuring out what’s important from the get-go.

Users can also be brought in to test the app prototype. They can provide feedback on what’s working and what needs to be fixed. Doing this as the app is developed will help ensure that it’s up to snuff before being launched in an app store.

Ultimately, your mobile app needs to be intuitive and user friendly. A good user experience is essential to good app design, so ensure that the app is providing the target service to the customer. Consider the unique medium that a mobile app provides and make sure your app reflects that distinctiveness. At the end of the day, consider your future mobile app development that provides a helpful service to your customers and you’ll be sure to see success.

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