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July 12, 2017
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July 17, 2017


Android is an open source mobile operating system that offers quite a simplified way for app development process thus boasts of a huge customer base. In such a scenario, we see an increasing number of enterprises, leveraging on the Android operating system and are building customer mobile apps that resolves the customer problems and adds value to the organization.

So, the implementation of the android app development always offers several benefits. Android offers the complete software stack inclusive of operating system, middleware as well as the key mobile applications. There is an increasing demand of Android app development and it has grown over the years with robust app development across several Android devices.

For businesses are seeking to enter the mobile industry, the android app development is that one place which offers unlimited opportunities for its user. Google Play Store is seen to overshadow its competitors to such an extent that if the mobile app developed is not displayed there, then there might be a considerable chance of decreased revenue for your business.

The advantages of android app development:


Ease of Use

The software development kit, SDK in Android allows the Android app developers to use the Android platform as they want it to do. The developers need not waste too much of time behind learning Android and then developing the application. This only makes their lives easier and increases the speed at which the developers work on the mobile applications.


Low Cost

The biggest advantage for the Android app developers is its open-source nature of its architecture. Android offers a great opportunity for the smaller companies, showcasing the apps through the App Stores, so that they do not need to invest too much of money behind costs involving app development and production.


Freedom in Creating the App

The Android Operating system is always based on innovation and originality. So, there are no impediments for those who intend to make their apps more original, with all liberties given on innovative process.

The nature of the platform is such that there is no need for the developers to be cowed down with functionality issues and production limits.



The largest share in the app market is hold by this operating system from Google and the image is further enhanced by the association of some other reputed brands like You Tube. This is the preferred Operating System when it comes to all other devices, other than the Apple Devices.


Wide Variety

There are a wide range of Android based devices, available all throughout the market.

This in turn offers immense opportunities for the developers as they can choose among a wide array of devices. They will also have the liberty to create generalized software, as there are multiple manufacturers on the same operating system. So, there is no need for them to split their heads over a single manufacturer of handsets.


Easy Adoption

Android applications are scripted with Java based on a set of libraries. It is quite easy for the Java programmers to adopt and script the code with the applications based on Android.


Easy to Integrate

The Android platform is the best option, even when the customer is looking for an integrated web application or complex levels of customization. The platform happens to be ready for customization.

Undoubtedly, the Android app development offers too many advantages for developing mobile applications. This is the reason why Android has been the preferred platform for the novice as well as the experienced Android app developers.

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