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April 30, 2019
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No matter how good the idea is or how good the model is, one cannot be sure about it until they test it. The best way to test it, of course, is to test on the person. If the person likes the model, and the model goes smoothly on the real situation; the product is well-made and successful. If the product is not up to the satisfaction of the customer, it fails. That is where the concept of the usability testing comes in. Usability testing is a simple test of how easy the product is for the real users to use.

On the process of the testing, users are asked to test a product in front of the researchers. During the process of the research, if the users are found to have trouble on the certain aspect of the product, then it will be notified to the company to fix that following issue. This test will be conducted continuously until it is deemed that the product is easy to use for the customer at the end. The ending goal of the usability testing is for the users to feel that the product is usable and intuitive, and it must also be accessible for the users as well.

There are numerous ways to test the product. Another way of testing the product, other than the usability testing, is the traditional testing. Traditional testing is simply a continuous test conducted by the developer, designer, and managers through computer screening and coding. It is possible that the testing can have bias as well as fault within the testing. The simple bug testing and function testing will not be able to truly cover whether the customers will be satisfied with the product. It also cannot fix the accessibility for the customers. No bug within the program does not mean that the product can easily be used by the users. Therefore, the best way for the company to conduct testing is through the usability testing.

Not only is the usability testing important, the company that is conducting the test is also important. One of the most recommended company to conduct the usability testing within Singapore is the USER Experience. USER Experience is a company based in Singapore. It has years of experience on the usability testing with numerous companies. It has worked with the Singapore Ministry of Education, Samsung, Paypal, Universities, and hp. With more than decades of experience, it is one of the most trusted company in Singapore to conduct the usability testing. It starts the testing from users all the way to the experts testing the product. It is carefully and precisely conducted so that the final product can come out as above and beyond the customer’s satisfaction. With the professional team and accurate data collection, it is the top priority company to ask for the test to be conducted.