Rising Demand of UX Designers

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May 2, 2019
Top UX Designer Computers
May 7, 2019

UX Designer has been selected as one of the top five jobs that are highly demanded within Singapore. The low supply vs. demand caused by the experience and knowledge gaps have made it the highly demanded job. The lack of experience compared to the increasing need of the customer’s satisfaction have made the job very demanding and skilled. Because of this, the LinkedIn’s research has shown that the demand and role of the UX designers have increased by 3.4 times in span of 2013 to 2017. Not only that, the competition to grab the designers have expanded from tech companies into companies with services as well.

Overall, the UX designers are expected to have various skills to encompass the proper needs of the consumers. They are expected to know coding and prototyping, proficiency in different software, and analyzing data. It is no longer a simple job that could be carried out by any different person. It is a highly skilled job with years of experience that is highly demanded in the business market.